There is an update to Acrobat 3D!

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Acrobat for AEC. There is an update to Acrobat 3D! You can download it here and get more information about Acrobat 3D here.

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This shows the dedication to the 3D industry that Adobe is making.  As we enter a new era with the post TTF acquisition, you will see more and better things in the future. Here is a snippit from our VP Tom Hale:

“Acrobat 3D and PDF continue to gain significant momentum in the manufacturing and architecture, engineering and construction industries, as well as praise from customers and influencers who see the technology as a means for addressing long-standing communication and collaboration issues by leveraging a ubiquitous, trusted file format,” said Tom Hale, senior vice president, Knowledge Worker Business Unit at Adobe. “Our acquisition of TTF was another example of Adobe’s commitment to this market and to continually build on the fundamental strengths of Acrobat 3D and PDF. Along with a highly accurate, compact file format that will be part of the forthcoming Acrobat 3D Version 8, TTF provided us with the expertise and technology to quickly respond to the rapidly evolving CAD landscape.”

Noted that the list below is a bit on the Manufacturing side, but architecturals manufactures, and people that have to collaborate with them will find this update very useful and timely. We will be keeping formats up to date and expanding as needed by the industry. If you have any questions or requests please feel free to add to the comments below! I listed the updated formats below.


Supported Versions


Up to 13.0

Autodesk Inventor

Up to 10

Catia V4

Up to 4.2.4

Catia V5

Up to R16




Up to 5.3


Up to 8,0


Up to 16.0


Up to Wildfire III


Up to 2006


AP 203, AP 214




Up to 12.x


Up to NX4


Up to 2.0



Thanks all and see you next time 
Tim Huff
Acrobat for AEC Blog
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2 Responses to There is an update to Acrobat 3D!

  1. Mike Malone says:

    This blog is great. Acrobat for AEC is good for the industry, Do you have a ship date for Acrobat 3D 8?

  2. Tim Huff says:

    Well, I can’t give you an exact date because we go by the rule that we ship it when it is ready, we shoot for quality first with Acrobat and all Adobe products, but I will say we would like to target before the summer.