Adding focus using the Crop Tool

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In this entry of the Acrobat for AEC Blog, I want to show you a cool little tip and trick I picked up while visiting a leading AEC design firm. While we where sitting around I was asked “Hey Tim, can you crop a PDF?” I said with full confidence “Of course we can.” And I started to show them this…..

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So let me set up the scenario, this workflow is around collaboration and marking up electronic documents. The reason for the cropping question was that they wanted to make sure the person doing the mark up will be able to focus on a certain area of the layout. I loaded a typical CAD created PDF and started to use the Crop Command in Acrobat 8 Professional


Here I have highlighted the area of interest that we want to crop to.




Then going to Tools|Advanced Editing|Crop Tool or you can also find it under Document|Crop Tool.




A dialog box will appear, make sure to select the “Crop Box” style selection



Then simply drag a 2 point box around the area that you want to KEEP.





You will be taken back to the Crop Dialog Box and you will see the coordinates of you selection box now propagated into the proper boxes.



Now hit OK and you will get what is shown below! Man, I didn’t know Acrobat could do that!


You can now send out just the area you want to be commented on for ease of use and mostly for clarity. I hope this gives you some new ideas on how to use Acrobat for AEC. For a video of this tip click here Cropping for Mark ups


If you have ideas on some cool tips and tricks you use, e-mail me at

Thanks All


Tim Huff

Acrobat for AEC Blog

4 Responses to Adding focus using the Crop Tool

  1. Mike Malone says:

    Tim, keep these coming, so far every thing in this blog has been something I can use every day in my job!

  2. Robert Gavitt says:

    Tim this is very useful, we have one of your competitors and they said you can not do this, is this new to Acrobat 8?

  3. Tim says:

    Nope this could be done in Acrobat 7 as well!

  4. John770 says:

    Very nice site!