Kuler, Adobe Labs, Acrobat for AEC…Huh?

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Kuler, Adobe Labs, Acrobat for AEC…Huh? So, that has to raise a couple of eyebrows eh. Welp, I have to keep you on your toes or it wouldn’t be much fun now would it? So how does these strange new things come to play in the Acrobat for AEC blog? If you remember our first installment, I said I would discuss all Adobe Products and how they would fit in the AEC and EPC industry, here is our first dance outside the lines of Acrobat.


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Ok, we’ve beat that one to death, so what is the funny thing called Kuler? Kuler falls into more of the Creative Suites side of the business, but I bet every Architecture or Engineering firm out there has some Adobe Creative Products such as Photoshop, Illustrator…Kuler is the first web-hosted application from Adobe Labs designed both to stand alone and to complement Adobe® Creative Suite® 2 components. Built using Adobe® Flash® and ActionScript 3.0, kuler is all about color: color for exploration, inspiration, experimentation and sharing.

With kuler, you can:

1. Quickly search, create, and share color themes online.
2. Download kuler color themes as an Adobe Swatch Exchange (.ASE) file for use in Creative Suite 2components, as well as in individual versions of Adobe Illustrator® CS2, InDesign® CS2, Photoshop®CS2, and GoLive® CS2.

So you ask how can I play with Kuler and other cool cutting edge tools from Adobe. Well the best place is at Adobe Labs. Labs will let you test drive new technology from Adobe. So for you techies out there, go to Labs and fullfill your innernerd!

Oh yeez, the US mens national soccer team has just scored in the first minute against Ecuador. Better back up the Tivo and see what happened. Good luck and have fun, till next time. Find some life in your life!

Tim Huff
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2 Responses to Kuler, Adobe Labs, Acrobat for AEC…Huh?

  1. You work for Adobe and watch soccer! Will you be my new best friend?-Scott

  2. Tim Huff says:

    Cool thanks, please keep coming back and invite friends! 🙂