Big 2hr Acrobat for AEC review is this Wednesday June 6!

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Yep, the big 2 hour Acrobat for AEC review is this Wednesday June 6! This has been a great series and really fun for me. These training video’s will continue but will be more general, but, you will get some amazing information! Click to read more!

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Bonus 2-hour RecapPut them all together on June 6 at 10 am PT for a special 2-hour overview on the following 4 topics – exclusively for AEC professionals.

– Creating INTERACTIVE digital forms.

– Attaching forms to DATABASE WORKFLOWS.

– Using optical character recognition (OCR).

– PROTECT DESIGN and confidential information.

This will be the last one I do for a while, I will do a few of the general sessions, but, please search for Acrobat for AEC and EPC PODCast’s and check out YouTube for some more videos from Me. You should be able to search YouTube for Tim Huff and get them that way as well. And as always I will be posting the videos here on this blog. To register for this webcast click here

Welp as always try to keep some life in your life, root for the US Men’s National Soccer Team as they fight for the Gold Cup this week! Oh WAY TO GO GUYS 4-1 over China, it was a great game!



Tim Huff

Acrobat for AEC and EPC

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One Response to Big 2hr Acrobat for AEC review is this Wednesday June 6!

  1. Robert Gavitt says:

    Tim, these web seminars have been very helpful, please post when you will get the Podcasts up and running! Thanks again.