Mark up tool text…How the heck do you change that??

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I was at one of the largest oil field tool provider today and things were going pretty good. We where discussing Acrobat 8 Professional, Acrobat 3D Version 8 and a little LiveCycle Policy Server, when a one of the ladies from the document group asked what I thought was a very simple questions…..How do you change the text style in a Text Box? Well I piped up and said…..


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As I was saying, before I got rudely interrupted by the “Read More” link, I piped up and said, oh well that is easy, you just select the Text Box, Right Mouse Click, and go to Properties and it is right…….humm, well, maybe if we select the text then Right Mouse Click and go to Properties, it is….yeah there you go under Text Style just simply……UUUMMM, let me see Superscript, bold, no change font type! Well, now I’m starting to wonder, where the heck did that go? I remember I could do it before, so….what’s up? Well, sitting there in front of them, probably looking like a deer in headlights, I just swallow real hard and say the words I hate to say, “I DON’T KNOW!” Oh the pain! The humanity! I can believe they “Stumped the Chump” with a question about changing a font, not an explicit question about the metadata extraction from a 3D file or a question about linking a form to a SQL Database, but how to change a FONT! I lost some huge Nerd points here! But, as I drove to the airport, in a pool of tears, it came to me, what about the ol Ctrl E Properties tool bar? That has to be it! But, now comes the quandary, do I miss my flight or get my nerd points back…well a quick call to the airlines and the geek Gods are smiling on me and my flight is delayed! Well, I pull over on the highway, pull out the laptop and try my newly remembered solution. THAT’S IT, it worked, well, I promptly pull out the PDA and email the customer the solution.

Ahh Geek status replaced!

Here, let me show you what I mean:

I created a blank PDF and called up the Mark Up Tool Bar (see Video on how to do this), I then added a Text Box by selecting the Text Box tool and drawing a 2 point Rectangle.  I then typed some text for test.



Once here I tried all the Right Mouse Clicks I could think of. 
First I tried selecting the box and RMC I got Properties for the Text Box.  This is very useful in setting standards for your markup text boxes such as color, linetype, and being able to set it as the current property is very handy!  But no way to change the font type and color….Humm the search continues…..



Ahh yes, of course you must select the text then RMC, there it is Text Style, but denied again, I see Bold, Italic… but no way to change Font type, Starting to sweat now.


But a quick Dr. Pepper latter (you know a little caffine to clear the mind), I remembered the Ctrl Key Commands in Acrobat (click here to download a PDF of all the shortcuts), the Ctrl e function brings up the Text Box Text Properties.  Ahh Geek Nirvana! That’s it, you can now change the font type color and other properties!



Well that was a fun one, remember to see a video of this click here and to download the PDF of the Keyboard shortcuts click here.  And as alway, put some life in your life, and keep the questions comming!


Thanks all

Tim Huff
Acrobat for AEC
Acrobat in the AEC and EPC industry

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4 Responses to Mark up tool text…How the heck do you change that??

  1. Mike Malone says:

    Tim, this is something I was shocked that we couldn’t do with a RMC, thanks for throwing up this oneMM

  2. Tim, thankyou so much for this have just spent over 2 hours looking for how to do it. Cannot believe how completely unfathomable Adobe have made it! Jennie D

  3. Ross Caughey says:

    Couldn’t agree more with Jennie D. Why the heck would they make something that was simple in earlier versions so obscure in the newer one? When did Microsoft take over Adobe?

  4. Mike says:

    Excellent. Well done and many thanks. I couldn’t cope with the red default!CheersMike