I’m doing a 30 Minute eSeminar on Forms this Wed!

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Hey all I am doing a 3o minute Acrobat Professional eSeminar this Wednesday July 10 at noon Central Time on Data Collection and Forms, this will rock and you will be shocked at what you can do with forms and PDF’s that are not forms but want to be!


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In fact there are some really good eSeminars that you can sign up for here you must registar to get to see the seminars, but the cool thing about that is that you will get a reminder so you don’t miss it!

Some of the topics covered in this series are

June 20 at 10 am PT
Create and combine a wide variety of document formats into one integrated, yet powerful PDF easily exchanging information with everyone—even extended team members.

EASIER REVIEWS, faster feedback.
June 27 and 10 am PT
Manage reviews quickly and easily—reliably sharing professional PDFs so anyone, anywhere can view them exactly as intended—simpler markup and commenting tools, too.

July 11 at 10 am PT
Collect and compile data automatically into designated database workflows with easy-to- use electronic forms—reducing inefficient and time-consuming paper-intensive processes.

July 18 at 10 am PT
Reduce risk and protect your documents from unintended access and use—from simple password protection to authentication and digital signatures.

Put them all together on JULY 25 at 10 am PT for a special 2-hour overview of each of these 4 topics:

  • EASIER REVIEWS, faster feedback

These eSeminars will help you jump start and advance your use of Acrobat in your business or daily life.

So, come on by and enjoy a little lunch with the Adobe boys, and remember to put some life in your life!

Tim Huff

2 Responses to I’m doing a 30 Minute eSeminar on Forms this Wed!

  1. Raymond says:

    I caught the last half of the July 11th webinar. I am looking forward to viewing the webinar again when it is posted on 7/26/07. Your presentation was AWESOME. I only wish Adobe would let you build their Acrobat Site. Sorry but I have never been able to connect with their website on a visceral or gut level. Hopefully, your webinars will give me access to the adobe acrobat club.Question, where do I begin to learn how to create forms like you. Because of cost and the need for tight control of the forms, livecycle extensions is controlled by the central office. The central office is willing to let me design a form for internal use then finalize it-I think that is the correct term. I would love to use the workflow thing to collect data and the ocr to bring existing data in.One problem is looking at the website I can not figure out what do you need to buy to get workflow. When I wanted to buy a 3rd party utility to read the forms data, the Forms Mistress sent me a document regarding exporting data intoa database. Problem was that we don’t have a client server database. Sorry to be so dumb, everytime I try to understand adobe products I get a headache:-).Question:How much would it cost for the little league association to deploy the form you designed on July 11, 2007? In other words what is the ROI or TCO for the little league association? I apologize for asking such dumb questions.

  2. raymond says:

    Does adobe plan to integrate acrobat forms I assume with livecycle extensions into a BPMS like intalio or orbeon, or a document management system like alfresco or a content management system or portal like liferay,…