Setting the default for drop downs in Acrobat LiveCycle Designer

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Since we have been on a Forms binge lately, I was asked, "when you create a drop down list, how do you set one of the list to be a default?" Well you are lucky, I can show you in a short entry, so here we go.

_uacct = “UA-1416026-2”;urchinTracker();_uacct = “UA-1416026-1”;urchinTracker();Ok here we go, it is easy here I have created a new form in the Adobe LiveCycle Designer by selecting a new blank form. I then dropped the US States drop down list from the custom library tab. Your screen should look like below.

Then to set a state as a default you go to the Object Edit area on the lower left panel (note if you do not see this panel, go to the Window pull down and turn on Object).  Here is a something that can go over looked, you must select the drop down on the form then go to the object panel to make changes. 

Once you have selected the drop down go to the Object tab and you will see 3 tabs select the tab Value, and you will see the list listed in the Default Box just move down to the entry that you want to be the default and that’s it you are done!  I hope this little tip and trick helps you create some killer forms!  Have fun and keep some life in your life!

Tim Huff
Adobe Acrobat
Adobe LiveCycle Designer

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