Whiz bang Keyboard Shortcuts extend Acrobat 8 functionally

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_uacct = “UA-1416026-1”;urchinTracker();Hello all, well, I am rededicating myself back to my blog and really trying to get you the best information about the Acrobat Family of products out there! So here is a quick hit for you!

_uacct = “UA-1416026-2”;urchinTracker();_uacct = “UA-1416026-1”;urchinTracker();You know that there are a lot of commands in Acrobat that just do not have a button or a pull down item to get to them. So, I am going to open the pandora’s box to the unknown and really killer keyboard shortcuts in Acrobat. If you read this blog you know that I am a PC guy. But, I am embracing the Mac Platform. I am an old engineer so I love Unix (the VI editor rocks!) So, this list will show all the short cuts that ship in the box. So here you go Down Load the Acrobat 8 Pro keyboard Short Cuts.Keep some Life in your lifeTim

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  1. Jp Cooper says:

    Hey Tim -Thanks for the centralized list of Acrobat Shortcuts_ I’m wrapping up a section of a project where I built many Docs via inDesign then had to pull into Acrobat Pro [all current versions]_Ironically enough I found a couple that would have helped out months ago_ But I know now and will definitely use them down the road_However – is Adobe at some point planning to add in a feature similar to Photoshop/ Illustrator/ InDesign where we are able to create new or custom keyboard commands as the user sees fit?Part of a project I am involved with is creating numerous – custom “checkboxes” on a PDF I exported out from InDesign_ And after everything is said and done – most of what I have to deal with is in the Context Menu after selecting the “checkboxes”_ Specifically the Alignment functions and “Place Multiple Fields”_ Although I use the Properties function as well – that I can at least select and hit the Enter Key_ But even still I can’t do things like batch rename_They don’t have any keyboard commands and I haven’t noticed these sorts of things in the menus too much_Another good thing to allow in future versions would be grouping akin to the way any of the above Apps do it – My pref would be more like the way InDesign handles it – but even some basic grouping of any kind would be a welcome change_The more I use Acrobat Pro – the more it seems the functionality is starting to lag behind the rest of Adobe’s major Apps_ Kind of the way PageMaker was before InDesign was released_I personally don’t forsee Adobe axing Acrobat anytime – I just think some of the functionality we’re used to across other Product lines should migrate and find it’s way to Acrobat_Even some scripting functionality would be cool_As it stands I am really amazed at what Acrobat is capable of these days in contrast with only a few years ago_ It’s pretty powerful and Adobe has added in many new and wonderful things – that allow for cross App – cross Platform integration_I’m just suprised these things have not made it into the current state of Acrobat Pro yet_Anyway – that’s my 2 cents_