Custom Dynamic Stamps – Know your limitations!

_uacct = “UA-1416026-2”; urchinTracker(); _uacct = “UA-1416026-1”; urchinTracker(); Hello all you crazy Acrobat kids, I have been getting a lot of feedback on the entry I did on Custom Dynamic Stamps in Acrobat 8. I have to say that you all are doing great and I love the fact that you are thinking outside the box.

_uacct = “UA-1416026-2”; urchinTracker(); _uacct = “UA-1416026-1”; urchinTracker(); But, I have to say this method has its limitations. Today in Acrobat 8, stamps have no way of detecting selection, or gathering input. Your probably saying to yourself, whoa there Timmy boy, your starting to talk crazy again. But really I’m not! Many questions I have been getting is, “Tim, this is a cool tip and trick, but, I would like to have a field that would allow me to add an invoice number, or have a couple of check boxes, why is this not working?”Well, it is working as it is programmed. In Acrobat, the stamps are dynamic, not interactive. So what that means is we can extract data from sources such as who is logged in, what is the system date….think of it as a “pull data system”. So all of the “push style” data such as Digital Signatures, or check boxes, radio button, or what I call interactive data types aren’t supported. The reason is easy to see when you look at the stamp you place, it is an annotation, or a mark up. Double click a stamp and you will see a pop-up that will allow you to add notes like a red line mark up. But you can not click individual objects with in the stamp.With that said, the programmers here at Adobe are amazing people, and if I where a betting man, I would say that making a Stamp an interactive object is on someones plate. I will let them know that all of you would really like to see such a feature. Let me know what you think!Well, I better go, watch the Cowboy game here, so put some life in your life, and smile and say Hi to a stranger today!Tim Huff

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