3D AutoCAD to Acrobat 3D Ver 8 with out Autocad part deux

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_uacct = “UA-1416026-1”;urchinTracker();I was recently asked this question, “Tim, You showed us that you didn’t need AutoCAD on your computer to get 2D DWG files into Acrobat 8 Professional, but what about AutoCAD 3D models into Acrobat 3D version 8?” Well, you are in luck, just like Beckham at a Spice Girls Concert! We got you covered here, just sit back relax and let your ol’ buddy Tim kick this one out for you.

_uacct = “UA-1416026-2”;urchinTracker(); _uacct = “UA-1416026-1”;urchinTracker();Ok, in Acrobat 3D version 8 and in Acrobat 8 Professional you know by now we have direct import of DWG and DWF files. This extension will help you by not making you purchase extra seats of AutoCAD for prople that are not designers. It is so easy that we don’t need any pictures for this one. Just open Acrobat 3D Version 8 (hey there is a free 30 day trial just click here) and Drag and Drop the 3D DWG Autocad file (2007 or older 2008 support coming soon) and you will get the data imported in! Simple! You get both Model Space and Paper Space into your PDF file. Now let me set the rules for you here. If your AutoCAD 3D is Wireframe, Acrobat 3D does not magically make it a solid, so the import will bring in what ever state the model is. We do not sew or knit surfaces into solids.And that’s it, too easy! That’s it for this entry. To see a video of this process click hereHave fun and remember to keep some life in your life.Tim Huff

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