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Podcast now listed on iTunes

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_uacct = “UA-1416026-1”;urchinTracker();Hello all, most of you that know me, know I am a bit impatiant. Waiting for iTunes to finally list my Podcast was killing me, but, I am happy to say it is there, and I will be trying to post at least 2 times a week with some great tips and tricks on Acrobat. With every one I will try to make you say…(all together now) “Man, I didn’t know Acrobat could do that!“. To get to the iTunes page Click Here.

Keep some Life in you Life!


Still can’t get the PDF Makers to show up in Office 2007! Time to go deep!

_uacct = “UA-1416026-2”;urchinTracker();_uacct = “UA-1416026-1”;urchinTracker();Ok, I have been getting a lot of you that still cannot get your PDF Makers in Office 2007 to come back after Office decided to lock them out. Here is a link to the original “Adobe Supported” approach to fixing the problem. Continue reading…

Custom Dynamic Stamps – Know your limitations!

_uacct = “UA-1416026-2”; urchinTracker(); _uacct = “UA-1416026-1”; urchinTracker(); Hello all you crazy Acrobat kids, I have been getting a lot of feedback on the entry I did on Custom Dynamic Stamps in Acrobat 8. I have to say that you all are doing great and I love the fact that you are thinking outside the box.

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Whiz bang Keyboard Shortcuts extend Acrobat 8 functionally

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_uacct = “UA-1416026-1”;urchinTracker();Hello all, well, I am rededicating myself back to my blog and really trying to get you the best information about the Acrobat Family of products out there! So here is a quick hit for you!

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