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Second installment of the Measure Tools in Acrobat 8 Pro.

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Well it was a fun weekend, the Saints, almost made the super bowl, Payton Manning finally gets to go to the super bowl, Thierry Henry’s header in the 93rd minute puts Man U down 2-1 and puts the premiership in question, and it finally got above freezing here in Dallas!  Therefore, all the stars aligned for me and my family to do some house shopping.  I got some plans from a popular custom home builder that allows you to design your house with their flash interface (for another entry) and output a PDF of the plans (very cool), but, the problem is, I wanted to add some rooms. I needed to know the scale so I could calculate the square footage and know if I am still in my price range once the room was added.  Enter the second installment of the Measure Tools for Acrobat for AEC in Acrobat 8 Professional!

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