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Come see us at FIATECH April 9-11!


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Hey all, are you in the Washington DC area? Come by and see me (Tim Huff) and Jonathan Bowman at the FIATECH Tech Conf.


What is FIATECH? Well it is "The Power of Collaboration!" or put into words it is… "FIATECH provides the focus needed to leapfrog ahead with practical new technologies to support FIAPP (Fully Integrated and Automated Project Processes). As a non-profit research, development and deployment (RD&D) consortium, FIATECH offers the collaborative vehicle to fully maximize expertise, attract and leverage scarce RD&D dollars, and reduce risks."

Why is Adobe at FIATECH? That’s easy, we want to support the workflows that you all are dealing with. Being members of FIATECH, CII, and others will not only help you by getting more industry specific information into PDF files, but help us be part of the standard creation and there fore be at the fore frount of the spec delivery. Yes that is all marketing speak for "I really dig getting PDF in these workflows and love to geek out on new standards." I admit it, I love to be on the cutting edge, I’m a bleeding edge junkie! Stay tuned for reports from me and Jonathan (See his blog here) on FIATECH.

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