Max 2008 TLF session

Robin Briggs has a session on the Text Layout Framework tomorrow morning at MAX 2008 North America.

Using the Text Component Library for Flash Player

Learn how to use the Text Component Library built on the new text engine in Flash Player 10 (now in public beta on Adobe Labs) to expand your text layout options. The session will cover new capabilities for text in Flash Player and go through examples of how you can get started using right-to-left text, columns, inline images, and all of the new typographic features that are available. You will learn the XML markup format to dynamically read in styled text for your rich Internet applications.

The “now in public beta on Adobe Labs” was a bit premature, but only by a couple of days. I’ll post here as soon as our Labs page goes live.

3 Responses to Max 2008 TLF session

  1. Philip says:

    Alan, thaks for the note. Could you please tell if there will be any way to see this session recorded on adobe tv or something? Thanks in advance.

  2. Alan Stearns says:

    I’ve been told the sessions are being recorded, but I don’t know the details about when the sessions will be available. I’ll post a link as soon as I find out.

  3. Barbara Roth says:

    Wow! Great component :-)… do you know when it will no longer be beta?