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A big thanks to everyone who has already downloaded and started leaving feedback on our Adobe Labs Beta Release! It’s exciting to hear all of your feedback. We intend to use this blog to keep you up to date on the latest news on the TLF project, respond to common concerns and questions from our users and (as I’ll very soon be doing) provide technical examples, explanations, tips, and tricks for using TLF.

Another special thanks to all who took the time to post about our release:

My apologies if I missed your post!

12 Responses to Welcome to the Text Layout Framework Team Blog

  1. Hi there. I was one of the one of the posters listed above – so, you’re welcome! And thanks for the hard work you guys have clearly put into the text layout framework.I have a couple questions – I don’t see a contact form on this site so I’m asking them here (in any case, they may be of interest to your other readers).1. I really want to get proper image wrap happening – not like InlineGraphicElement, but so that the text actually wraps around the image (or the bounds of any other display object). I can’t see a way of doing it, basically because the text layout framework seems quite far abstracted from flash.text.engine – which is usually a good thing, but in this case I can’t figure out how to access the TextLines, except maybe by recursing the display list of the container .. but I really need to change the way they are *created*, not after the effect – otherwise the flow will be messed up. So I suppose I should write my own IFlowComposer-implementing class, or possibly extend either FlowComposerBase or StandardFlowComposer. But without access the source, I can’t see how they work, I don’t know what methods to override – maybe the ones I need to override are private, not protected. So my question (finally) is, are you planning either to implement this feature or to release the source? Or can you point me in the right direction for how I can do it just using the libs?2. The development community is kind of jumpy right now after the deep cuts at Adobe. Can you confirm the company’s continued commitment to the development of this framework?Thanks.Josh

  2. Brian Thomas says:

    Hi Josh,1 – This has been very commonly requested. We are pursuing this feature for a future release of the framework.2 – The development of TLF is still going strong. We’re here to stay :)Thanks for the questions,Brian

  3. Robin Briggs says:

    This is an area we are working on. I expect this to show up as a property you could attach to an InlineGraphicElement that would cause it to float either to the left or to the right, just below whatever line it is on. Text on subsequent lines would wrap around it. Would this solve your problem?

  4. Thanks very much! Those are exactly the answers I was hoping to hear :)So I will come back with two more questions:3. When do you expect to let us know timings for future releases and/or changesets?4. Are you planning to add TLF to the Adobe Jira?Cheers!Josh

  5. Brian Thomas says:

    Hi Josh,I don’t have a timeline that I can provide for you as to our future release schedule or announcements. I’m sure that we’ll be talking about it on this blog as soon as we do. :)We have decided not to put TLF on Jira for our beta release. In our experience, it is often difficult to have follow-up discussions about bugs reported via Jira. Our quality engineering team is monitoring the Adobe Labs Forum and reporting bugs internally as they are reported. This has allowed us to have more success in initiating discussions with those reporting bugs and working to help solve their problems.Brian

  6. Thanks for your responses. There is something else regarding the Text Layout Framework I’d like to discuss out of the public arena … if someone could drop me an email I’d be grateful (there does not appear to be a contact page on this blog).

  7. Rafique Gilani says:

    Hi Brian,Any update on “wrapping text around InlineGraphicElement” feature.Raf

  8. Brian Thomas says:

    Hi Rafique,I’m sorry to say that I don’t have any good news for you on that one. Wrapping isn’t on the schedule for the current 1.0 release of TLF. It is still being considered for a future release, but won’t make it into the current one. Thanks for the question!Brian

  9. Rafique says:

    Hi Brian,Any update on wrap in 1.1 ?RegardsRafique

  10. Alan Stearns says:

    Sorry – 1.1 just had a few bug fixes. It was mainly done to improve performance with large amounts of text.

  11. Jhon says:

    Hi,Thanks for all the hard work, TLF is amazing.Any idea when (if) tables will be supported?Tks,Oscar

  12. Alan Stearns says:

    Tables will not be officially supported for a while, but there are some people working on table implementations of their own. Take a look at our forums http://forums.adobe.com/community/opensource/tlf