Video for MAX 2008 TLF session available

Robin Briggs’s presentation on the Text Layout Framework from MAX 2008 North America is now available on Adobe TV. You can see it on the MAX blog here

Also see a higher resolution version on Adobe TV at:

The first part of the presentation is an introduction to the framework and some demos. Breaking down how the new text technologies in Flash relate to each other starts around the 25 minute mark, with more technical information about TLF starting at the 30 minute mark.

2 Responses to Video for MAX 2008 TLF session available

  1. mani says:

    Exause me, the new textlayout framework could set backgroundColor of font?

  2. Alan Stearns says:

    There is no backgroundColor property for TLF text, but you can set the container to have a color underneath the text, or with a bit of fiddling find the bounds of a line or character and draw a background color object yourself.Can you give us some details on how you’d like to use a background color?