World Class Text Tour Source Code

You’ve probably noticed that the front page of our Adobe Labs release contains an excellent set of demos called the ‘World Class Text Tour’. What you may not have realized is that we have provided the Flash CS4 source for all of these demos!

In the upper right corner of each of the demos in the tour there is a link that allows you to download the source code:


7 Responses to World Class Text Tour Source Code

  1. mani says:

    Thanks in advance!Your team is amazing.I just saw your demos on's so amazing, could you tell me how to get its source code?Will it be opensourced?Thanks again![Unfortunately we’re unable to release the source for the Text Layout Editor demo. If there is a specific feature you are trying to understand, please request it here or on our forum and we’ll do our best to help you out. -Brian Thomas]

  2. I’m using TLF with the Gumbo SDK since a couple of months to render Arabic text and I’m having a problem with Arabic vocalization diacritics (Tashkil) that are not rendering correctly. I posted a bug report (SDK-17345) about this. However, in the World Languages demo they seem to render correctly (there’s only one type, so I can’t speak generally) but not in the Online Text Editor Demo! So I’m a bit confused: is the World Languages demo using a newer version than the editor and the one included in Gumbo or is it a matter of fonts/settings?[The difference you are seeing is probably a result of the font being used. The World Languages demo is using Adobe Arabic. All the demos use the same version of TLF, however it’s possible you are using an earlier version from Gumbo.As for the bug you reported (SDK-17345): this is still being investigated on our side and the fix has not yet been made. We appreciate you reporting and continuing to follow up on this! -Brian Thomas]

  3. mani says:

    Thanks~ I have done that.By the way, your help about TextFilter.export(), it’s just three args, in fact it has four args, for example:TextFilter.export(_textFlow, TextFilter.TEXT_LAYOUT_FORMAT, ConversionType.XML_TYPE, null);The ConversionType.XML_TYPE is missed in help.Hope fix it later, thanks^_^

  4. Jim Phillip says:

    Hi Brian,Will the source for every be released / opened sourced?I’m sure that the community would benefit from it and adoption of the Flash platform (TLF, AS 3) would increase tremendously from its availability.RE: opened sourced – I would actively contribute.Thank you-JP

  5. Brian Thomas says:

    Hi Jim,We do not currently have plans to release the source for the Text Layout Editor Demo. That said, I appreciate you voicing the request. I will keep the dialog going within the TLF team on this issue.Brian

  6. Jim Phillip says:

    Thanks Brian,That would be great. We need text editing in our app, but it’s not our main focus / core value.Contributing all our text editing dev efforts to an open source solution and focusing more on our core value makes much more sense.It’s these types of open source commitments from Adobe that were a big part of us selecting the Adobe Platform.Thank you so much-JP

  7. George says:

    Hi Brian,how do I load an Arabic text from a xml feed and put it into an existing textfield on stage?Thank’s.George