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The Text Layout Framework Team is now on Twitter! You can follow us at: AdobeTLF.

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Example: Adding a scrollbar in Flex

Mihai Corlan posted a useful example on his blog on how to add a scrollbar for a TextFlow.

See it here: How to add a scrollbar to Text Layout Framework.

IFormatResolver And Using CSS With TLF

TLF supports a new property on TextFlow called formatResolver of type IFormatResolver. Clients can supply an implementation that can be used to do CSS or “based-on” styling (ala traditional word processors).

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Introduction to TLF in Flex from the Adobe Developer Connection

Mihai Corlan has posted an introduction to using TLF in Flex over on the Adobe Developer Connection.

Check it out here:
Using the Text Layout Framework in Flex 3.2 and AIR 1.5

“The goal of this article is to introduce you to the Text Layout Framework library for Adobe Flash Player 10 and Adobe AIR 1.5 and to demonstrate how you can use it to display rich text inside of the Flash Player 10 and Adobe AIR 1.5 runtimes. I will not cover all the possibilities of this framework, but I will give you enough of a push to help”

TLF API Changes in Build 370

Flex Gumbo beginning with revision 4946 now contains TLF Build 370. This build contains many API changes and enhancements. This blog entry is the first of several detailing the changes.

Note that all these changes are tentative pending further review.

The changes described in this entry are:

  • Merging of Format Classes
  • Changes to Styling
  • Class FlowElement’s TExtLayoutFormat APIs
  • User Styles
  • Non-Inhering Styles
  • FlowElement id and styleName properties
  • API Changes

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