Weekly TLF Builds Now Available on Adobe Labs

Our Adobe Labs page has been updated to include weekly builds. A new build will be posted every Friday containing the latest and greatest in Text Layout Framework features and bug fixes. See the new download page here.

Some notes on the builds:

  • We encourage you to report bugs and leave feedback on our Adobe Labs Forum. Remember to include which build # you are using!
  • Up to date API Documentation is included in each build.
  • The 3 separate SWCs (core, edit, conversion) have been merged into a single SWC (textlayout.swc). Feedback on this new SWC would be appreciated!
  • The Flash Professional CS4 component is not being released in the weekly builds.
  • An RSS feed is available that can notify you as soon as a new build is posted: Feed Link
  • Release/change notes are provided on both the Labs download page and as part of each build.
  • Up to date ActionScript and Flex example apps are included in each build.

While we will be vetting builds before we post them, please remember that they are development builds. They have not been thoroughly tested and should be regarded as unstable. As these builds are being released separately from Flex Gumbo, they are not guaranteed to integrate correctly with Gumbo.

Enjoy! We look forward to your contributions and feedback in our development process!

5 Responses to Weekly TLF Builds Now Available on Adobe Labs

  1. Veronique Brossier says:

    The merging of the 3 swcs into one is more practical. Thanks.

  2. Jeremy says:

    hey this is great and comes just in time, thanks 🙂

  3. Michael Prescott says:

    Is the source for the text layout framework available?

  4. Brian Thomas says:

    Michael,The source for TLF is not available. This is something we are considering, but don’t have an answer for yet.

  5. Michael Prescott says:

    That would be great! I’ve been trying to work with example code and the latest textlayout.swc’s API has obviously changed. The ReleaseNotes.txt are helping me update the old example code, but the ideal solution would be to follow changes via version control.