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Adobe just released a preview of Presentations, a new online service that lets people easily create and collaborate on presentations. The Text Layout Framework is used for all the text objects in the slides. Here is what Norman Stratton of the Presentations team had to say about his experience with TLF:

“The Text Layout Framework saved me a boat load of time and allowed for features I wouldn’t have had time to write using the older text technology. I started writing the text objects using regular TextArea and switched to the Text Layout Framework as soon as it was stable enough, and I could get consensus to switch to Player 10. Switching to the Text Layout Framework let me get rid of over half my old code and made text support much more stable. I can only imagine what I would have had to do to get the same functionality the old way (and I try not to think of it).”

Be sure to check out the preview on Adobe Labs:

The New York Times Reader – Powered by AIR & TLF

Be sure to check out today’s release of the AIR-based New York Times Reader:

The NYT Reader was built using Adobe AIR and the Text Layout Framework. It is one of the most innovative uses of TLF we have seen and we’re proud to have it as the largest showcase of TLF and text in Flash Player 10 to date! It is an excellent demonstration of TLF’s reflowing text, multiple columns/containers, and top notch typography features.

Want a peek inside the development of the Reader application? Check out issue #4 of Adobe XD’s Inspire publication:

Update on Support for Flash Professional

For those wondering why an updated Text Layout Component for Flash Professional CS4 is not being posted with our new weekly builds, here is some info:

We no longer plan on updating the Text Layout Component for Adobe Flash CS4 Professional on Adobe Labs. Instead future versions of Adobe Flash Professional will integrate many of the Text Layout Framework features.

Feel free to comment with any questions on this update!