Update on Support for Flash Professional

For those wondering why an updated Text Layout Component for Flash Professional CS4 is not being posted with our new weekly builds, here is some info:

We no longer plan on updating the Text Layout Component for Adobe Flash CS4 Professional on Adobe Labs. Instead future versions of Adobe Flash Professional will integrate many of the Text Layout Framework features.

Feel free to comment with any questions on this update!

3 Responses to Update on Support for Flash Professional

  1. Lindsey Thomas Martin says:

    Can we take it that ‘future versions’ means 11 or 12, not 10.x?LTM

  2. vi says:

    now what?? are we stuck on using crappy html support with dumb textfields from flash7 for at least one more year until cs5??? nice one! thanks…

  3. Brian Thomas says:

    Lindsey – Yes, we are referring to Flash Pro 11, not 10.xvi – You are still free to use TLF in Flash Professional CS4 via ActionScript