TLF Showcase: Readefine

Anirudh Sasikumar of the Adobe Flex Evangelism team created an amazing app called “Readefine” that demonstrates the power of the Text Layout Framework. Readefine imports any HTML, RSS feed, or plain text data and displays it as organized multi-column TLF text adjusted for readability.

URL here:

Be sure to check it out. Great work, Anirudh!

3 Responses to TLF Showcase: Readefine

  1. Anirudh,We would love to get access to this runtime for our project — can you point us to where the libraries for this app are, and are there any restrictions on our using it?We want to build on this, but respect the work you’ve done and want to proceed in an appropriate manner, thanks in advance and great work!Team Typejack

  2. Syed Waseem Adil says:

    Is the source code available for this application. I need to implement logic like multiple columns and paging in my application. can you please provide me with the code.

    thanks in advance

  3. Brian Thomas says:

    Anirudh has expressed the intention of open sourcing readefine, but I don’t see anywhere it is yet available. You could try shooting him a question on his blog: