New And Updated TLF Samples

New and updated samples are posted:

These samples include the complete source to the TextLayout editor that was posted in on Adobe labs over one year ago. The editor and samples are all updated to the latest TLF version.

The samples include instructions for building them.

12 Responses to New And Updated TLF Samples

  1. Hello TLF Team, first i need say that I am fan of you, i is building one application with TLF, to edit texts, and i was very happy when you released the text layout editor demo.I installed the application, and find some problems, first the debugger not found the constant TEXT_FIELD_HTML_FORMAT in TextConverter. But i fix this changing this constant for the HTML_FORMAT.The second problems found, is with export, when i export the content of activeflow to save on database, i not get the properties of container, because the code to execute de changes in the active flow do the change on the editmanager, but the activeflow not receive the properties, i think this is a bug of TLF, because i see the changes in the screen but when i export it content, i can’t see the changes in the TEXT_LAYOUT_FORMAT exported. I fix this problem puting one line in the code where the changes of CONT_DOMAIN are applied, mActiveFlow[key] = cont[key];Thank you for the attention, i waiting answer.

  2. NT says:

    Thanks for posting the code; it’s extremely helpful!We would like to use (and modify) this code for our own rich text editor. The source code grants permission to do so within the terms of the accompanying license. I cannot locate such a license.Any help? Thanks!

  3. Alan Stearns says:

    For the license – TLF code is released with the Flex SDK, so that’s the license in question:

  4. Rezmason says:

    Hey guys. Thanks for bringing respectable text rendering to the platform. :-)I’m using a TLF in an untrusted SWF, and SelectionManager.checkForDisplayed() is choking on the parent property of the Loader instance. If you could catch sandbox violations in checkForDisplayed() and assume that the container *is* in the display list (return true), the problem would go away.My current fix for the situation is to use a subclass of Sprite for my TLF container, which overrides the parent getter by returning the stage. Overriding get parent() is a sleazy thing to do, and is not without consequence, so please address this issue before everyone starts using TLF for everything.Thanks again!

  5. Rezmason says:

    There’s another sandbox violation in ContainerController.getContainerController(), as it attempts to crawl up the display list to the stage and hits the Loader instance, which it can’t cross-site-script. The function is private, but it’s only used in focusChangeHandler(), a public method, so I can subclass and override this problem. Again, just try-catching the problem and returning null.

  6. Alan Stearns says:

    Thanks for the reports, Rezmason. I’ll log bugs for these issues.

  7. Filip Nedyalkov says:

    Hello, it’s so cool that we can take a look at the text editor’s code!!I have a few things to comment and ask if you plan to add them since they are basic things in html and I played around a lot with the text editor and couldn’t see any way of making them:1)wrap the text around an image… align is not supported for the img tag and so If I put a big picture the text should to over or under it… will that be possible in future ?2) will there be css styling the links with hover and so on?3) will there be photoshop-like smooth strong crisp or sharpness/thickness (which is not implemented for the time being too) for the fonts ?

  8. Brett Coffin says:

    Hi to all,I had a look a the TextLayoutEditor code and I have a question:Could you explain why you coded the InspectorBox elements in XML then parse it to convert it to flex components, instead of coding it in MXML?What is the benefit that this method offers comparing to coding those views in MXML in the first place?Regards Brett

  9. Douglas McCarroll says:


    In response to a comment above you replied…

    “For the license – TLF code is released with the Flex SDK, so that’s the license in question:

    But, is the example code also released with the Flex SDK?

    If so, where in the SDK can I find it?

    The code that you link to above contains some (important) classes that contain the forbidding license text below. I’d like to use this code. If it’s not in the SDK, would it be possible for someone to go in and replace these texts with a more appropriate open source license?


    Douglas McCarroll

    Here’s the text that I’m finding:

    // Copyright 2008 Adobe Systems Incorporated. All rights reserved.
    // NOTICE: All information contained herein is, and remains
    // the property of Adobe Systems Incorporated and its suppliers,
    // if any. The intellectual and technical concepts contained
    // herein are proprietary to Adobe Systems Incorporated and its
    // suppliers and may be covered by U.S. and Foreign Patents,
    // patents in process, and are protected by trade secret or copyright law.
    // Dissemination of this information or reproduction of this material
    // is strictly forbidden unless prior written permission is obtained
    // from Adobe Systems Incorporated.

  10. Amy Edward says:

    is that tlf useful to make arcing text in flex