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TLF Update March 2010

FlashBuilder 4.0 is Released

FlashBuilder 4.0 includes Flex 4.0. TLF 1.0 – the official 1.0 release – is included as textLayout.swc. FlashBuilder is available here.

And of course TLF 1.0 and Flex 4.0 are opensource. The Flex 4 release with Flex 4 and TLF 1.0 source is available here: Flex4 Download

Flex 4.1 Nightly Builds Includes TLF 1.1

Flex 4.1 is not yet released but its opensource tree and nightly builds include TLF 1.1

TLF 1.1 has significant performance improvements for long documents. Scrolling and editing of long documents are both dramatically improved. Try it out! We’re looking for feedback and help in finding issues. You can pull textLayout.swc out of the Flex 4.1 nightly builds.