TLF Now on SourceForge

Since we finished the 1.1 release, we’ve been working on more performance improvements, fixing bugs and adding list and float features. What we’re working on now will eventually become our 2.0 release. The official release will take a while as Adobe products integrate, test and ask for more changes. We don’t want to wait that long, so we’ve created an open source repository on SourceForge to show our in-progress work.

We’re still working on the documentation pages and keeping the repository current with our daily changes, but this week’s code is now available. It’s in a preview state (lists aren’t completely done, and there are some bug regressions in links) but we hope people can take a look at the new features and performance gains and give us early feedback on how we can further improve the code. We’re also hoping that being on SourceForge will make it easier for people outside Adobe to submit patches (for those so inclined).

4 Responses to TLF Now on SourceForge

  1. John says:

    Why Sourceforge and not RiaForge or even Github where a lot of the more notable open source Flash projects already exist?

  2. I second that first comment: GitHub with its distributed Git version control system is so much more suited for enabling outside developers to experiment and contribute to Adobe open source efforts without the centralized (SVN) access hassle.Considering that companies like Facebook (, Twitter ( and Palm ( to just name a few, are already there, I’m a bit disappointed by Adobe’s step.–Daniel

  3. myIP says:

    FYI, I have noticed that the following link contains a ZIP file which when clicked, it’s link has been returning a HTTP 500 error for at least a couple of days now.