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TLF Branch 3.0 is available on

TLF branch 3.0 has been posted on the source forge,

There are performance improvements and new features in TLF 3.0 branch. TLF team is still working on the new features of TLF 3.0.

In the ContainerBreaks and ColumnBreaks feature, we have added a way for users to force the text to break and continue on the next column or container. There are two ways for us to choose, the attribute way and the content way. We chose the first one at last for two reasons. First, it have much better compatibility and flexibility with the CSS definition. And the second is it makes the client easier to use this feature which has no effect on the content.

The W3C also got a draft document to define the column break. We bought in some kind of their definition and expand them to be the column break and container break. We got the following attributes:

  1. ColumnBreakBefore
  2. ColumnBreakAfter
  3. ContainerBreakBefore
  4. ContainerBreakAfter

Each of the attributes can be set as following two values:

AUTO: Neither force nor forbid a container break/column break before(after) the generated box.

ALWAYS: Always force a container break/column break before(after) the generated box.

BTW, in order to fix some bugs, some API are changed in TLF 3.0,

  1. [API changed]when linebreak=”toFit”, the contentBounds will include the tailing whitespaces.
  2. [API added]add color=’red’ or [black, blue, green, gray, silver, lime, olive, white, yellow, maroon, navy, purple, teal, fuchsia, aqua, magenta, cyan] property support in paragraph element.
  3. [API added]add custom cursor support for FP10.2, users could have custom cursor by override Configuration:cursorFunction.

You can get more details from the release notes of TLF 3.0.

TLF branch 2.1 is available on

TLF branch 2.1 has been posted on the source forge

 In Branch 2.1, four high servility bugs are fixed,

  1. Fix unreported crash that happens when composeToContainer is followed by updateToContainer.
  2. Fix a crash using floats, Also fixed a bug where an inline graphic was stopped, but not removed from the display list.
  3. Fix when lineBreak=”toFit” the contentBounds width does not include the trailing whitespace.
  4. Fix when the TextLine is INVALID and cannot be used to access the current state of the TextBlock.