TLF branch 2.1 is available on

TLF branch 2.1 has been posted on the source forge

 In Branch 2.1, four high servility bugs are fixed,

  1. Fix unreported crash that happens when composeToContainer is followed by updateToContainer.
  2. Fix a crash using floats, Also fixed a bug where an inline graphic was stopped, but not removed from the display list.
  3. Fix when lineBreak=”toFit” the contentBounds width does not include the trailing whitespace.
  4. Fix when the TextLine is INVALID and cannot be used to access the current state of the TextBlock.

One Response to TLF branch 2.1 is available on

  1. Josh On says:

    Thanks. Can you tell us if this will be included in a Flex SDK – and which current SDKs this is compatible with?