TLF Branch 3.0 is available on

TLF branch 3.0 has been posted on the source forge,

There are performance improvements and new features in TLF 3.0 branch. TLF team is still working on the new features of TLF 3.0.

In the ContainerBreaks and ColumnBreaks feature, we have added a way for users to force the text to break and continue on the next column or container. There are two ways for us to choose, the attribute way and the content way. We chose the first one at last for two reasons. First, it have much better compatibility and flexibility with the CSS definition. And the second is it makes the client easier to use this feature which has no effect on the content.

The W3C also got a draft document to define the column break. We bought in some kind of their definition and expand them to be the column break and container break. We got the following attributes:

  1. ColumnBreakBefore
  2. ColumnBreakAfter
  3. ContainerBreakBefore
  4. ContainerBreakAfter

Each of the attributes can be set as following two values:

AUTO: Neither force nor forbid a container break/column break before(after) the generated box.

ALWAYS: Always force a container break/column break before(after) the generated box.

BTW, in order to fix some bugs, some API are changed in TLF 3.0,

  1. [API changed]when linebreak=”toFit”, the contentBounds will include the tailing whitespaces.
  2. [API added]add color=’red’ or [black, blue, green, gray, silver, lime, olive, white, yellow, maroon, navy, purple, teal, fuchsia, aqua, magenta, cyan] property support in paragraph element.
  3. [API added]add custom cursor support for FP10.2, users could have custom cursor by override Configuration:cursorFunction.

You can get more details from the release notes of TLF 3.0.

19 Responses to TLF Branch 3.0 is available on

  1. Stefan says:

    Hello Mao Liang,
    can you explain some more on how to implement the breaks? I can’t find any information on these breaks in the online Adobe Language Reference…
    gr, stefan

    • Gang Cai says:

      Hi stefan:

      Thank you for your attention. The TLF 3.0 is still under developing. That’s why the official document did not contain the information about the new feature of TLF 3.0. It will be done once the TLF 3.0 is released.

      We are planning to post one blog to introduce how to use the breaks recently. We’ll let your know once we’ve done it.

      To be briefly, We bought in some kind of W3C definition about the column break and expand them to be the container break. Currently, we got the following attribute:


      each of them may be set the value of:


      auto means:
      Neither force nor forbid a container/column break before (after, inside) the generated box.

      always means:
      Always force a container/column break before (after) the generated box.

      inherit means:
      Inherit the setting from the parent elements

      We don’t implement the AVOID value described in the W3C document as we don’t know the detail implementation of AVOID.

    • jinhuang says:

      I will post the document and sample code on today.

  2. smithfox says:

    Hi Mao Liang,

    Is there some roadmap about the TLF3.0?

    • Mao Liang says:

      We plan to official release TLF3 in the beginning of Nov. We are busy on bug fixes at the moment.

  3. di says:

    tlf3! But tableElement !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mao Liang says:

      Table feature is under development and will be in TLF4. TLF3 release focuses on performance improvement and some critical bug fixes.

  4. Mike says:


    I was wondering if the ability to style a ParagraphElement with background color and/or background alpha worked in the TLF 3.0 branch?

    Thank you,

  5. Sudharshan says:


    Any updates on the release date of TLF3? Also, any Flex 4.1 compatibility recommendations?


  6. Dmitriy says:

    First of all, thanks for your work on the project, guys.

    I wonder if TLF is going to continue as in-house project or is it going to be passed to Apache?

    And there’s a thing that’s been bugging me for a while – could you please strip “final” keyword from InlineGraphicsElement and LinkElement? It is kind of pointless and it forces me to resort to monkey patching when all I need is to add a teeny little bit of information to the element.

    • Gang Cai says:

      At least, TLF4 will be as in-house project. It’s possible to make it as a completely open-source project in the future. But we don’t have a plan yet.

      The end-leaf element must be final as if we don’t do it that way, we can’t handle them all well considering TLF is a framework which will be widely used with different purpose.

      Maybe, you can mapping the information with your element. I am not sure if that works for you?

  7. Alhadef says:

    Can you tell me the limitations for Air mobile application (ios &Android). Can we use the RTL ??

  8. Dong says:

    Hello Mao Liang,
    II have a question that
    How to change a wrap direction?
    The problem has been bothering me for a long time.