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TLF Now on SourceForge

Since we finished the 1.1 release, we’ve been working on more performance improvements, fixing bugs and adding list and float features. What we’re working on now will eventually become our 2.0 release. The official release will take a while as Adobe products integrate, test and ask for more changes. We don’t want to wait that long, so we’ve created an open source repository on SourceForge to show our in-progress work.

We’re still working on the documentation pages and keeping the repository current with our daily changes, but this week’s code is now available. It’s in a preview state (lists aren’t completely done, and there are some bug regressions in links) but we hope people can take a look at the new features and performance gains and give us early feedback on how we can further improve the code. We’re also hoping that being on SourceForge will make it easier for people outside Adobe to submit patches (for those so inclined).

TLF Showcase: LovelyReader has a web and desktop epub reader based on the new text features in Flash Player 10. Text resizes and reflows in layouts you choose. You can navigate with hotkeys or a table of contents. All the text is searchable, and you can add notes. There’s a longer feature list and a demo here:

Video for MAX 2008 TLF session available

Robin Briggs’s presentation on the Text Layout Framework from MAX 2008 North America is now available on Adobe TV. You can see it on the MAX blog here

Also see a higher resolution version on Adobe TV at:

The first part of the presentation is an introduction to the framework and some demos. Breaking down how the new text technologies in Flash relate to each other starts around the 25 minute mark, with more technical information about TLF starting at the 30 minute mark.

Text Layout Framework Labs page is up!

Go see our Adobe Labs beta release here

Max 2008 TLF session

Robin Briggs has a session on the Text Layout Framework tomorrow morning at MAX 2008 North America.

Using the Text Component Library for Flash Player

Learn how to use the Text Component Library built on the new text engine in Flash Player 10 (now in public beta on Adobe Labs) to expand your text layout options. The session will cover new capabilities for text in Flash Player and go through examples of how you can get started using right-to-left text, columns, inline images, and all of the new typographic features that are available. You will learn the XML markup format to dynamically read in styled text for your rich Internet applications.

The “now in public beta on Adobe Labs” was a bit premature, but only by a couple of days. I’ll post here as soon as our Labs page goes live.


This is a blurb copied from our imminent Adobe Labs release:

The Text Layout Framework is an extensible library, built on the new text engine in Adobe Flash Player 10, which delivers advanced, easy-to-integrate typographic and text layout features for rich, sophisticated and innovative typography on the web.