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The New York Times Reader – Powered by AIR & TLF

Be sure to check out today’s release of the AIR-based New York Times Reader:

The NYT Reader was built using Adobe AIR and the Text Layout Framework. It is one of the most innovative uses of TLF we have seen and we’re proud to have it as the largest showcase of TLF and text in Flash Player 10 to date! It is an excellent demonstration of TLF’s reflowing text, multiple columns/containers, and top notch typography features.

Want a peek inside the development of the Reader application? Check out issue #4 of Adobe XD’s Inspire publication:

Update on Support for Flash Professional

For those wondering why an updated Text Layout Component for Flash Professional CS4 is not being posted with our new weekly builds, here is some info:

We no longer plan on updating the Text Layout Component for Adobe Flash CS4 Professional on Adobe Labs. Instead future versions of Adobe Flash Professional will integrate many of the Text Layout Framework features.

Feel free to comment with any questions on this update!

Weekly TLF Builds Now Available on Adobe Labs

Our Adobe Labs page has been updated to include weekly builds. A new build will be posted every Friday containing the latest and greatest in Text Layout Framework features and bug fixes. See the new download page here.

Some notes on the builds:

  • We encourage you to report bugs and leave feedback on our Adobe Labs Forum. Remember to include which build # you are using!
  • Up to date API Documentation is included in each build.
  • The 3 separate SWCs (core, edit, conversion) have been merged into a single SWC (textlayout.swc). Feedback on this new SWC would be appreciated!
  • The Flash Professional CS4 component is not being released in the weekly builds.
  • An RSS feed is available that can notify you as soon as a new build is posted: Feed Link
  • Release/change notes are provided on both the Labs download page and as part of each build.
  • Up to date ActionScript and Flex example apps are included in each build.

While we will be vetting builds before we post them, please remember that they are development builds. They have not been thoroughly tested and should be regarded as unstable. As these builds are being released separately from Flex Gumbo, they are not guaranteed to integrate correctly with Gumbo.

Enjoy! We look forward to your contributions and feedback in our development process!

Follow AdobeTLF on Twitter

The Text Layout Framework Team is now on Twitter! You can follow us at: AdobeTLF.

Our twitter page:

Introduction to TLF in Flex from the Adobe Developer Connection

Mihai Corlan has posted an introduction to using TLF in Flex over on the Adobe Developer Connection.

Check it out here:
Using the Text Layout Framework in Flex 3.2 and AIR 1.5

“The goal of this article is to introduce you to the Text Layout Framework library for Adobe Flash Player 10 and Adobe AIR 1.5 and to demonstrate how you can use it to display rich text inside of the Flash Player 10 and Adobe AIR 1.5 runtimes. I will not cover all the possibilities of this framework, but I will give you enough of a push to help”

TLF API Changes in Build 370

Flex Gumbo beginning with revision 4946 now contains TLF Build 370. This build contains many API changes and enhancements. This blog entry is the first of several detailing the changes.

Note that all these changes are tentative pending further review.

The changes described in this entry are:

  • Merging of Format Classes
  • Changes to Styling
  • Class FlowElement’s TExtLayoutFormat APIs
  • User Styles
  • Non-Inhering Styles
  • FlowElement id and styleName properties
  • API Changes

Continue reading…

Video for MAX 2008 TLF session available

Robin Briggs’s presentation on the Text Layout Framework from MAX 2008 North America is now available on Adobe TV. You can see it on the MAX blog here

Also see a higher resolution version on Adobe TV at:

The first part of the presentation is an introduction to the framework and some demos. Breaking down how the new text technologies in Flash relate to each other starts around the 25 minute mark, with more technical information about TLF starting at the 30 minute mark.

TLF Review on Publicious

Mike Rankin wrote a fantastic review of TLF over on the Publicious blog. Check it out here.

A peek into the post:

“if you are the least bit interested seeing what will drive publishing workflows in the very near future, run, don’t walk your mouse over to the Adobe Labs and check out everything you can on Text Layout Framework. Such a dull-sounding name for such a mind-blowing technology. They should have called it the Textinator, or Fontapocalypse, or something. It’s going to be large.”

Welcome to the Text Layout Framework Team Blog

A big thanks to everyone who has already downloaded and started leaving feedback on our Adobe Labs Beta Release! It’s exciting to hear all of your feedback. We intend to use this blog to keep you up to date on the latest news on the TLF project, respond to common concerns and questions from our users and (as I’ll very soon be doing) provide technical examples, explanations, tips, and tricks for using TLF.

Another special thanks to all who took the time to post about our release:

My apologies if I missed your post!

Text Layout Framework Labs page is up!

Go see our Adobe Labs beta release here