Hello world

tobias hoellrich Yes, I do feel bad that you had to look at an empty blog for the last few days – sorry about that!

I’m the guy on the right hand side (did I really post the first photo on blogs.adobe.com?). Originally from Munich, Germany, I started working for Adobe Systems Europe in Amsterdam in 1994. There I supported European printer OEMs and taught PostScript classes all over Europe. After three years I moved to the US and began working on web-hosted applications. Create Adobe PDF Online was one of my first creations a few years ago and I’m happy that it is still going strong. At the moment I’m looking at the Digital Home space and try to figure out what role (if any) Adobe could play in your living room. I work out of my home office in Santa Fe, NM.

I have a (borderline obsessive) passion for photography and an unquenchable thirst for gadgetry (don’t tell my wife!).

And that also defines the mix that I hope to provide here in this blog. Thanks for tuning in!

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