Photos on TV anyone?

As mentioned before, I work in an area called “Digital Home” where we try to see to what extent Adobe can play a role in the wired home of the future.
Photos and especially digital photos play an important enabling role in this environment. I strongly believe that once people have seen their favorite photos on a large-screen TV set from the comfort of their couch, it will be hard to go back to the den and have everybody grouped around a 19″ computer monitor to review photos.

I’m curious if readers of already have systems in place that allow them to view photos on a TV set. And if you are in the lucky position, what do you like and dislike about your setup?

Are you using:

Personally I have experiemented with a number of devices connected to a Samsung 56″ DLP. A Gateway FMC-901X Mediacenter PC (now discontiuned), a Mac mini (unfortunately have to use mouse/keyboard to interact), an original TiVo Series 2 PVR with the Home Media Option (which got disconnected, because it did not do HD recordings) and a Linksys WMA11B media adapter. I also hooked up Canon and Nikon digital cameras directly to the TV set.

While all of the solutions about have nice features, I would not consider any of them the ultimate solution.

So, do you have the ultimate solution?