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Bye Grant!

Grant Munsey and Sandra LaFave
A few days ago we received an email message which infromed us that Grant Munsey had passed away. I was deeply saddened by the news, but also happy to hear that his suffering had come to an end. You can read more about Grant’s 5 year struggle at

I think Grant started at Adobe in 1997 and I had the pleasure to know him for the last two years before a severe illness struck him in 2001. Grant was an immense pleasure to talk to and I’m a bit sad that I never really got to work with him on a project. Grant was also the one who convinced senior management at Adobe that it was time to give back to the Open Source community. The original exists primarily because of his efforts.

Bye Grant – you’ll be missed a lot.

Photoshop on “Sleeper Cell”

Sleeper Cell

Over the last few days the PVR at home has recorded the latest episodes of Sleeper Cell on Showtime. For those of you who have not heard about it: the show is about a terrorist sleeper cell in the US which has been infiltrated by an FBI agent. You get to know the individuals and their motives why they have decided to become terrorists. This is not your run-of-the-mill CSI-type show, but an interesting concept that tries to provides inside into the terrorists minds.

Anyway, so yesterday I watched one of the episodes when it struck me how far Photoshop has come: During one of the episodes the sleeper cell members get information on how to receive further instructions for the upcoming big-bang. They are supposed to look for a certain auction on ebay for a rug, download the image associated with the auction, revert thorugh the “liquify” filter in photoshop to retrieve the password that allows them access to a secure web site on the internet. I kid you not.

Just throw that camera away!

Literally! Ryan Gallagher showcases some pretty psychadelic images on his site. “Camera Tossing” is the technique behind those images: using the timer function on his camera the shutter is depressed and then the camera is throw in the air. In mid-air the timer will expire and film will be exposed. You get results like this one:



I have to chime in with my fellow Adobe bloggers and express my excitement about the merger between Macromedia and Adobe. This is going to be one heck of a combination. Now we can concentrate on unifying our technologies instead of trying to grab market shares from each other.

It was kind of strange to see MACR drop off the face of my yahoo page this morning, but it will live on under ADBE from now on.

A hearty welcome to all the new folks from San Francisco!