Bye Grant!

Grant Munsey and Sandra LaFave
A few days ago we received an email message which infromed us that Grant Munsey had passed away. I was deeply saddened by the news, but also happy to hear that his suffering had come to an end. You can read more about Grant’s 5 year struggle at

I think Grant started at Adobe in 1997 and I had the pleasure to know him for the last two years before a severe illness struck him in 2001. Grant was an immense pleasure to talk to and I’m a bit sad that I never really got to work with him on a project. Grant was also the one who convinced senior management at Adobe that it was time to give back to the Open Source community. The original exists primarily because of his efforts.

Bye Grant – you’ll be missed a lot.

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  1. cristi says:

    Check out the date on latest news on .

    Some news must be from 2006 not 2005.