Very creative use of tilt-shift lenses

Without reading the article first, go to and take a look at the photos. Now tell me whether you’re seeing photographs of model-scenes or if you see real-world views. Awesome use of tilt-shift lenses. [via]

2 Responses to Very creative use of tilt-shift lenses

  1. I haven’t tried this, but couldn’t this macro focus effect on a wide angle view be done with blur filters in Photoshop the same way?

    [ Added by Tobias Hoellrich 01/29/2005: Mike – certainly. If you’re using Photoshop CS2 you can use the Filter -> Blur -> Lens Blur … filter for that. Create an Alpha Channel with a reflected gradient (black areas will be in focus and white areas will be blurred). Then activate the lens blur filter, pick the alpha channel as the Depth Map source and you’re set. Perhaps I even post a sample later on 🙂 ]

  2. Jay says:

    Whatever the technique used to produce the effect, if the photographer is attempting to simulate a real-world look it’s optically incorrect. Real-world shots of these subjects at the same distances and lighting would be shot with the lens set at “infinity” focus and a smallish aperture producing almost infinite depth-of-field without blurred focus.

    [ Added by Tobias Hoellrich on 01/29/2006: Read the description of a tilt-shift lens under the link I provided in the article. It explains how those lenses work. I think the intention of the photographer was to provide a skewed look at real-world scenes with his technique. ]