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Santa Fe Workshops: Free Summer Image Presentations

If you happen to be in the Santa Fe, Albuquerque area then you have a great opportunity to listen to some of the instructors of Santa Fe Workshops classes free of charge. Every year in the summertime they offer a free series of talks and presentations on Monday and Wednesday evenings. You can find this summer’s schedule here. If you happen to go to one of the presentations remember to say hi to me …

Giga vu pro evolution

Rob Galbraith’s description of the Giga vu pro evolution sounds very interesting. Most exciting are the ftp/wireless features in the device. Looks like the Epson P-4000 has finally competition.
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Wow –

George Colberts photos at are absolutely mesmerizing. If you have some time hop on over and be amazed. And if you happen to be in the Santa Monica area you may want to stop by the Nomadic Museum until May 14, 2006 where his photos are on exhibition. [ via my wife at Manitou Galleries. ]

Very creative use of tilt-shift lenses

Without reading the article first, go to and take a look at the photos. Now tell me whether you’re seeing photographs of model-scenes or if you see real-world views. Awesome use of tilt-shift lenses. [via]

Just throw that camera away!

Literally! Ryan Gallagher showcases some pretty psychadelic images on his site. “Camera Tossing” is the technique behind those images: using the timer function on his camera the shutter is depressed and then the camera is throw in the air. In mid-air the timer will expire and film will be exposed. You get results like this one:


Light Field Photography – no more blurry photos

I read about this at today and thought it would be useful to reference here. Ren Ng at Stanford Univeristy writes in his paper titled Light Field Photography with a Hand-Held Plenoptic Camera about a “camera that samples the 4D light field on its sensor in a single photographic exposure”. The result is a photograph that can be “sharpened” at different depths after the photograph has been taken. Ren has quite a number of sample movies on his web site that show the effect of moving the focusing plane. I like the Water (link to .wmv file) in particular.

Is that going to make “Unsharp Mask” in Photoshop obsolete?