Starting a Project and Managing Artboards in Adobe Experience Design CC (XD Week: 1)

Adobe XD, or to state it’s full name: Adobe Experience Design CC (demoed at MAX 2015 as Project Comet) is the new tool for UX designers that has recently been added to Creative Cloud. The preview release appeared just a few months ago and the design community are invited to participate in the development of the tool, by sharing their feedback and critical input, ready for a complete commercial release later in 2016. The XD team are really passionate about what they are building and committed to pushing out a monthly build while the project is in preview—it’s very exciting to see development that is so responsive to user feedback. This week, we’re going to take a look at XD in five bite-size chunks, so you can get to try it out for yourself; if you want to feed back to the developers, then get involved with feature requests and bug reports here: or join the conversations in the forums:

Starting a Project and Managing Artboards


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