Definitions and Conventions

With any reference work it is quite useful to have some definitions and—especially with tech—conventions explained; this page is where you’ll find them, and they will be updated as and when required.

Post Definitions, Categories and Conventions

Posts are categorised to make it easier to find stuff, and to know what you’re reading about. Some of the categories may also define my article types:


Catch-up articles are especially intended for users who maybe haven’t had the time to explore a feature/technique/workflow that may or may not have been around for some time, but has been improved or developed further in more recent versions of CC software. They may of course, be useful to any user—there could well have been something you missed depending on how you learned to use the applications(s) in the article—so please don’t assume they exclude or are not relevant to design ninjas.


Time. Time is Precious. There’s Never Enough Time. Time is Money. There are thousands of sage quotes around Time. At work, we have to consider time and budgets to make a profit on the project. The purpose of Discover articles is to raise awareness of those small-but-significant features that can buy you time, which actually makes them priceless!


So self-explanatory that perhaps no account is needed but the only thing I will mention here is that with the tutorial posts, it is often not the result which is of use directly, but the techniques and features discovered along the way. The tuts may be on topics that you think you have seen before—and you may have—but there are almost always productivity boosts to be had if you’re on Creative Cloud and so probably worth a scan even if you don’t actually work through the steps.