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February 20, 2009

For those who were not aware, late last year we launched the CJK Type blog, which is meant to focus on CJK-related aspects of type (hence its name).

The CJK Type blog was started by Gu Hua (顾华), our very talented colleague in the Beijing office. I also plan to continue to post entries to this blog, given that my focus is CJK Type. And, I should point out that to the extent possible, many of the articles will be available in multiple languages. Many already are.

Thus far, we have published articles about SING, and about some of our CJK fonts. I plan to post an article about IVSes (Ideographic Variation Sequences), and how they can be leveraged in Japanese publishing workflows.

In any case, for those interested in all things CJK, I encourage you to visit, bookmark, and enjoy this blog.

Of course, comments are always welcome, and encouraged.