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February 8, 2010

Next month I will be in Europe for two weeks, first in Reading, England, and then in The Hague, Netherlands. I will be giving a workshop that covers the various font development and testing tools we provide in the AFDKO*, to both the students of the MA in Typeface Design from the University of Reading, and the students of the Type & Media MA from The Royal Academy of Arts.

2008 workshop in progress in the Type & Media classroom (photo by Erik van Blokland)

This is an event that the Adobe Type Development team organizes in partnership with the schools. This initiative is very rewarding for both parties: we get to interact with the latest crop of talented type designers, and they get an insight into our production and testing processes; we get to improve our tools through using their feedback, and they get firsthand training on how to use them.
The first time I did this series was in 2008, and this year I am again looking forward to two weeks of challenging questions and fun work.

*Adobe Font Development Kit for OpenType