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May 20, 2011

I’m happy to announce the availability of three new Adobe typeface families and one new Japanese font package on our Type Showroom.

Adobe Text first became available in May 2010 as a registration incentive for CS5 and was included in the first wave of Adobe Web Fonts. Designed by Robert Slimbach, this text typeface is classified as a Transitional design (between calligraphic Renaissance and high-contrast Modern styles), with distinctive, contemporary touches. 

Adobe Text features Latin, Greek and Cyrillic scripts


Kozuka Gothic Pr6N and Kozuka Mincho Pr6N are two new Japanese families in our Type Showroom. Each of the 12 fonts from these two families include 23,058 glyphs, conform to the Adobe-Japan1-6 character collection specification, and are JIS2004- and IVS-savvy. These fonts replace the “Pro” versions, which conformed to the Adobe-Japan1-4 character collection and included only 15,444 glyphs each.

And, the last addition, the Japanese Font Collection, is a package which includes 39 of our most popular Japanese fonts in OpenType format. Included are all six weights of  Kozuka Gothic Pr6N and  Kozuka Mincho Pr6N, as well as the three families (Kaku Gothic, Maru Gothic, and Mincho) that make up Heisei Std, 16 fonts from the Ryo Gothic PlusN, Ryo Text PlusN, and Ryo Display PlusN families, and the award-winning Kazuraki SP2N Light font.




  • By John Hoffman - 9:29 AM on May 20, 2011  

    Adobe Text is a beautiful and very useful font. I’m glad it is now being made commercially available.