August 13, 2012

TypeCon2012: MKE SHIFT

This is a brief summary of my experiences as an attendee at this year’s TypeCon in Milwaukee.

My arrival to Milwaukee on Wednesday night was followed by immediate degustation of Milwaukee brats and beer; which is a promising start for any type conference. It is a great idea to start the main conference with a keynote in the evening because it gives people a chance to do some sightseeing and squeeze in some type-related activities before the events kick off. Continue reading…

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August 2, 2012

Source Sans Pro: Adobe’s first open source type family

Source Sans Pro title image

Adobe’s legacy in type technology

Adobe has come a long way since its early days in which the specification for the PostScript Type 1 font format was a closely-guarded trade secret leading up to the “font wars.” Since this specification was begrudgingly published in 1990, Adobe has been more proactive in publicly releasing tools for developing and producing high-quality type. Subsequently, Adobe collaborated with Microsoft on the OpenType standard, which was later made an open standard for type technology as the Open Font Format: a free, publicly available standard (ISO/IEC 14496-22:2009). In connection with this, Adobe has shared its tool set for building OpenType fonts as the Adobe Font Development Kit for OpenType (AFDKO). Although these tools are not open source, they can be used freely and have been downloaded by thousands of users. Additionally, tools such as FontLab Studio and FontMaster make use of AFDKO code for building fonts. I believe that the world of type design and typography has benefited greatly from Adobe’s contributions in the arena of type technology. In adding to this legacy, I am proud to announce that today marks another milestone as Adobe makes yet another type resource freely available by releasing the Source Sans Pro family as our first-ever open source type family.

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New Adobe Originals & more Adobe Web Fonts

It’s an exciting day for Adobe Type! Today, we’re releasing two new Adobe Original families for both print and web, Source™ Sans Pro and Leander Script™ Pro. Plus, we have a new set of web fonts available from our partners at Typekit and WebINK.
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May 15, 2012

Myriad Extensions: Arabic and Hebrew

‘Myriad’ in Arabic and Hebrew scripts

‘Myriad’ in Arabic and Hebrew scripts

The ever-popular Myriad type family now has new Arabic and Hebrew members! These have recently been added as part of a suite-wide effort to provide better support for languages of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). These new typefaces were designed and developed by the Adobe type team in San Jose and have already be recognized for their excellence as one of the winners of the Letter.2 competition conducted by the Association Typographique Internationale. A core set of styles from these type families is bundled with Adobe Creative Suite 6 applications. This core set includes four basic styles: Regular, Bold, Italic, and Bold Italic. However, the type styles bundled with CS6 include only a small subset of the new Myriad Arabic and Myriad Hebrew type systems that were created to provide a wider range typographic options for designers. To preview and purchase additional styles or the full families, see our pages for Myriad Arabic and Myriad Hebrew. In the future, these pages will include glyph complement showings for the fonts, likewise full digital specimens with text showings are still forthcoming.

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May 7, 2012

Useful Details About Creative Suite 6 (CS6) Fonts

I know some of you are wondering what’s up with fonts for CS6. The font set shipping with CS6 closely resembles the set that shipped with CS5. However, the following new families will ship with CS6.

• Adobe Devanagari (4 fonts)
• Adobe Naskh (1 font)
• Myriad Arabic (4 fonts)
• Myriad Hebrew (4 fonts)

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April 18, 2012

Signing fonts in Adobe Reader

The new version of Adobe Reader (10.1.3) released last week includes new functionality that allows users to sign documents electronically. This new capability leverages three fonts that we designed and developed in record time. They emulate the real handwriting of some of our team members and are intended to serve as a proxy to anyone’s signature.
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April 13, 2012

TYPO San Francisco

TYPO San Francisco Main Stage

Last week, the Yerba Buena Center of the Arts was the venue for TYPO San Francisco. TYPO is a series of conferences organized by FontShop, and is well known for its annual installment in Berlin, where designers from all over the world have the chance to talk to a large, interested audience. This concept has recently been exported to London; San Francisco was the first TYPO to be held outside Europe. Obviously, this venture was a success, as initial attendance expectations were exceeded – the event attracted designers from all over the country. Continue reading…

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April 11, 2012

India type tour 2012

Industrial Design Centre at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

Industrial Design Centre at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

Hot on the heels of Todd Macfie’s report on Type Camp India, which I was privileged to attend in December 2009, I decided to publish my experiences from my most recent trip to India. It has been just over two years since I traveled to Chennai for my first visit to India. As part of the Type Camp group, I was there very much in the capacity of learner to study the Tamil script and to document its forms with my own amateur photography.

However, my return trip was to focus on imparting some of the knowledge that I have attained in the intervening years since my initial visit. In particular, I was honored to be able to present at Typography Day 2012. It was an inspiring event to see the state of the art in India in terms of typography, publication design and typeface design. I was somewhat surprised at how much type design was showcased at this conference, which I fully expected to be more focused specifically on typography. It was encouraging to me to see many students active in learning the essentials of type design.

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April 3, 2012

Robothon 2012 talks

An impossible glyph, containing both PostScript and TrueType hints.

The Robothon conference in The Hague is always an exceptional event, bringing together designers and developers interested in the technical aspects of type design. While it is a great opportunity to meet people and exchange ideas, it is also a place to hear about the latest developments in type technology. This year, many presentations focused on hinting, two of which were presented by members of the Adobe Type Team. Continue reading…

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March 6, 2012

On Keyboard Layouts

An ANSI keyboard.

At the ATypI conference 2011 in Reykjavík, I gave a talk entitled “Pitfalls of Pi fonts.” This presentation was the culmination of a project that involved the creation of keyboard layouts for all of our dingbat fonts. The ultimate purpose of this project was the desire to replace obsolete Type 1 (T1) fonts with more current OpenType fonts (OTFs), which was necessary for various reasons, the most important of which being that T1 fonts lack proper Unicode information. On another hand, this shortcoming in the T1 font format was also its greatest advantage: virtually all the glyphs were easily accessible from the keyboard.
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