Teaching old dogs new tricks…

Emma Wilkinson

May 21, 2012

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If someone asked you to think about digital marketing, specifically its applications, what it’s used for and who benefits from it, you’d be forgiven for thinking that big multi-national brands with enormous budgets were the ones doing it best.

And to an extent of course you would be right – well known brands have indeed been amongst the first to truly embrace the potential of digital marketing and are at the forefront of using new technology to connect with their customers. But what you might not realise is that many other types of organisations across the not-for-profit, private and public sector are using the explosion in digital to connect with their stakeholders too.

In fact, a recent trend in the charity sector is organisations turning to social media to connect with potential donors. For example, in April the RSPCA (@RSPCA_official) launched its AnimalNation Facebook ‘pledge’ app to kick-off RSPCA Week which aimed to raise awareness of animal welfare. During the campaign the charity gave people the opportunity to publicly show their support for the RSPCA’s five key animal welfare pledges via the charity’s Facebook page, as well as the opportunity to explore sensitive issues such as animal testing. Perhaps most effective of all, people could ask questions via Facebook to Gavin Grant, the company’s CEO, and talk to RSPCA staff in locations as remote as Malawi. The campaign was backed up by the Twitter hashtag (#AnimalNation) and content on YouTube.

The RSPCA was formed in 1824 and is funded entirely by donations, but despite its maturing years, we think it has gone a very, very, long way in dispelling the myth you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!

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