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Emma Wilkinson

May 22, 2012

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We’re always keeping an eye on the latest digital developments, and this week kicked off with four stories that highlight just how quickly the digital revolution is progressing.

We start off in one of the last bastions of the non-digital: the bookshop. The neatly stacked shelves holding row upon row of reading material, the well-read staff, the quietly intellectual atmosphere. And now, in recognition of e-readers, a dedicated digital area and free wi-fi access. At least that’s the case in Waterstones, which is going to sell Amazon’s Kindle book reader. Waterstones is embracing digital while it seems Amazon is getting a slice of the high-street audience.

From books to newspapers next.  The Newspaper Marketing Agency has rebranded as Newsworks in recognition of the fact that the old language of press and paper doesn’t fit any more.

Looking even further into the future, it appears that 3D gesture control technology is starting to go mainstream. The FT has blogged about the launch of a new gesture-control device that allows touch-typing or even playing a piano in the air. In the future, the FT says that finger and hand movements could reduce the need for a keyboard, mouse or touchscreen.

Finally, as the Olympic Torch relay begins, the BBC is broadcasting every second of the 8,000 mile journey for us to watch on our tablets, mobiles and laptops
wherever we are. We truly are in an always-on, digital world.

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