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June 27, 2012

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Check out what discussion took place in our film and video Twitter Chat earlier this week by taking a look over our Storify post. And if you want to take part in our web and mobile Twitter Chat this Thursday read on to take a look at the topics we’ll be discussing:

This Thursday, 28th June, between 6.30pm and 7.30pm, we’ll be kicking off a discussion on all things Web and Mobile.

Developers have traditionally specialised in single formats – whether HTML, JavaScript, CSS or Flash for web; mobile web or rich apps for mobile. But there is a growing need for interdisciplinary designers, able to switch from coding to formatting for mobile or WordPress customisation.

What do you think of where the industry is headed? Is it better to be a specialist or should designers be able to turn their hand to a variety of technologies? Some of the areas of discussion we’ll be looking at during the Chat include;

  • Should designers code?
  • Is ‘UX professional’ a real job?
  • Do dedicated project managers do more harm than good – should this always be a shared responsibility for web designers?

We’d love to hear what you think! So join our Twitter Chat by using #CreativeWeekUK and follow @AdobeUK and @Netmag.

Everyone who uses #CreativeWeekUK during the hour-long chat will automatically be entered into a draw to win one of two tickets to the Web & Mobile day of Creative Week on Thursday, 12th July! But if you aren’t one of the lucky ticket holders, we’ll be broadcasting all the sessions live online, so why not register now.

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