Creative Week: Calling all photographers!

The @AdobeUK Team

July 02, 2012

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Last in the series of our hugely popular Twitter Chats, this Thursday, between 6.30pm-7.30pm we’ll be discussing the Photography and Imaging industry and would love to hear your thoughts on this exciting and ever-changing space.

This chat picks up where we left off last Thursday evening when designers, coders and creatives discussed the web and mobile issues that matter to them. Take a look at a selection of the tweets that flooded #CreativeWeekUK on our Storify post.

Photographers often consider aperture, exposure and light settings an art form to be cherished over auto-settings and quick fixes, with all the work done in post-production. But in an age when everything is becoming digitalised, should the photography community be ready to embrace image manipulation? Some of the areas we’ll be touching on to stoke the debate are;

  • Do you agree with photographers who are of the opinion that you shouldn’t do anything to your shots in Photoshop that you couldn’t do in a darkroom?
  • When does a photograph stop being a photograph, and become a piece of illustration or artwork?
  • When it comes to retouching, how much is too much?

Join us for our final Twitter Chat by using #CreativeWeekUK and follow @AdobeUK and @ComputerArts.

It’ll also be the last chance for you to get your hands on tickets to next week’s Creative Week. Include #CreativeWeekUK in all your tweets during the live Twitter Chat this Thursday and you’ll be entered into a competition to win one of two tickets to the Photography & Imaging day of Creative Week on Friday, July 13th.

For anyone without a ticket, we’ll also be broadcasting all the sessions from Creative Week live online, so make sure you don’t miss out and register now!

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