Countdown to Create the Web London

The @AdobeUK Team

August 22, 2012

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It’s just over a month now until Create the Web London!

The event is a fantastic opportunity to learn about the latest tools and techniques for creating content for the modern web. You’ll also find out how Adobe is helping shape the future of the web and get a sneak peak at new tools, technologies and services for web designers and developers. Topics covered will include HTML5, CSS3, motion graphics, web development and more.

This free, full day event held in London on 2nd October is filling up fast, so if you don’t want to miss out make sure you register here today.

Here’s a lowdown of what to expect: 

10:00 – Keynote/General Session

In the opening keynote, Adobe will layout its commitment to the web as the primary platform of the future, and will announce and demonstrate new tools and technologies that enable web designers and developers to create the experiences that push the boundaries of what is possible on the web.

10:30 – A Journey Through the Graphical Web

Vincent Hardy (Director of Engineering, Web Platform)

This presentation will walk us through the quest towards a more graphical web with an immersive presentation of the key features (and characters) that are, have been or will be available to the create graphical content on the web. The goal of this playful presentation is to inspire and show the vision of a web with a wide graphical creative surface.

11:15 An introduction to the modern Web for the creative professional

HTML5 and CSS3 introduce new features that expand the creative capabilities of the web. In this session, you will get an introduction to some of the newest and most expressive features in HTML5 and CSS3, as well as an overview of what new features are coming in the future.

1:00 Move the Web : Introduction to Motion Graphics on the Web

Mike Chambers (Director of Developer Advocacy)

Discover all the ways that animation is coming to the modern web. Hear about how to make use of CSS3 transitions and animation, JavaScript libraries that can help with animation, and suggestions for best practices around creating animations with web technologies.

1:30 Adobe Edge Animate: Creating the interactive web

Lee Brimelow (Developer Evangelist)

Adobe Edge Animate is a tool for creating web animations with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. In this session you’ll see how you can start using Edge Animate to create animations that run on browsers and mobile devices.

2:15 – Brackets: Code the Web

Adam Lehman (Sr. Product Manager, Interactive Development)

Brackets is an open source code editor that challenges the status quo with innovations like inline Quick Editing and live browser connectivity built with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. This session will provide an overview of Brackets and demonstrate how to hack on the project so you can customize and extend it to meet your needs.

2:45 – PhoneGap & Shadow: Building & Testing Mobile Apps with Web Standards

Every web developer needs to think about a mobile strategy when it comes to deploying content. This session will take a look at new APIs in HTML5 that make the most of mobile device features, how to test and debug content with tools like Adobe “Shadow”, and workflows for creating mobile applications from web technologies with PhoneGap and PhoneGap Build.

3:35 – CreateJS: Creating Rich, Interactive Experiences for HTML5

Grant Skinner (CEO / Technical Director

CreateJS is a suite of JavaScript libraries for building expressive content that targets HTML5 Canvas. Find out how to use libraries that let you easily manipulate content on top of HTML5 Canvas, manipulate sound, animate content, and manage loading of assets.

4:15 – Design Responsively: Creating a Site that Works Across Screens

Responsive design is forcing designers and developers to think about their content differently.  The huge variation of screen sizes and device capabilities is enabling a whole new level of experiences.  In this session you’ll learn the principles of responsive design and get a sneak peak at what Adobe’s been working on.

Look forward to seeing you there, and make sure you follow the conversation on Twitter with #CreateTheWeb.

Adobe Muse Updated: Built-In Contact Forms Plus Japanese Support

The @AdobeUK Team

August 21, 2012

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Adobe Muse is a new tool available to Creative Cloud subscribers which lets graphic designers create websites without writing code. Today, we’re releasing a new version of Muse that includes built-in support for contact forms. In addition, this new version is now available in Japanese.

The new support for built-in contact forms allows you to easily add, configure, and style contact forms within your website designs. By using this new feature, you no longer have to embed HTML code from 3rd-party online form providers. This is just the beginning of work the Muse product team is doing to bring more extensive content management capabilities directly into the product through tighter integration with our site hosting platform, Adobe Business Catalyst. This video shows how easy it is to work with contact forms.

We’ve also added the ability to add and link to downloadable files of any type including .pdf, .zip, .dmg, & .exe, as well as support for HTML5 animations created with Adobe Edge. There’s more, so be sure to read the release notes to find out all the new goodies in this updated version of Muse.

If you already have Muse installed, just open the app and click “Install Now” on the updater screen to get these new features. If you have yet to try it, download it here on Creative Cloud.

Making document management work

The @AdobeUK Team

July 24, 2012

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Why the legal industry must embrace technology to improve productivity and increase security

Article by Anke Schnedler, marketing manager, Adobe Systems






In a fast-paced industry with a huge digital output and major security implications, the need for a robust document management system is not just important, it’s critical. For busy law professionals the ability to easily access, share and work on documents is par for the course: when it works, no one notices, but when it goes wrong, all eyes fall on the IT manager.

As we all know, solicitors, lawyers and barristers have always spent a serious amount of time assembling cases, filling in forms, and compiling letters, briefs and presentations. They then need to exchange these documents with clients, outside counsel and the courts and need a trusted method to control access to, and limit distribution of, confidential information.

As courts implement new electronic filing systems, IT departments need to support staff by equipping them with document collaboration tools that not only increase efficiency through the review and repagination process, but enable them to protect sensitive information, even when documents travel outside of the document management system and corporate firewall. Also key is the ability to have searchable solutions that archive and maintain an audit trail of emails and their attachments.

As a result, many firms are looking at their current document management solutions and cost effectively standardising them across their business. Herbert Smith LLP, a law firm headquartered in London which advises clients from its network of offices across Asia, Europe and the Middle East, is a great example of a firm that is boosting efficiencies, managing and protecting sensitive information and in turn offering an improved client service. Its aim was to revamp many of its administrative, document-based processes in order to drive efficiency across the organisation.

Using Adobe Acrobat, they were able to assemble case documents efficiently, redact sensitive information securely, improve collaboration across legal teams and complete forms electronically. In addition to reliably redacting sensitive content from case documents, the firm’s staff can now encrypt and password protect PDF files that are delivered to outside teams, helping better safeguard sensitive case details. Indeed, document controls and security rules ensure that only those with permission can access documents and control who opens, views, prints, copies, and modifies files – both inside and outside the firewall.

For further information on how Adobe is helping Herbert Smith LLP prepare, protect, and deliver professional communications in PDF click here.

#CreativeWeekUK Finishes on a High!

The @AdobeUK Team

July 16, 2012

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We went out with a bang on Day 5 of #CreativeWeekUK with a packed studio for our very last live debate. Four great panellists – Glyn Dewis (@GlynDewis), Erin Moroney (@erin_moroney), Timothy Allen (@timothy_photo) and Richard Curtis (@richardcurtis) – spent the best part of an hour debating whether digital photography is ‘all tech and no talent’. All the talk around digital retouching certainly kept things interesting and the discussion continued long after the cameras stopped rolling – both in the studio and on Twitter. It was the perfect end to #CreativeWeekUK.

Throughout #CreativeWeekUK, thousands of you got involved on Twitter by tweeting your questions and opinions to the #CreativeWeekUK hashtag. In fact the latest figures show that in total #CreativeWeekUK was mentioned 5,443 times. And thanks to you all, we even trended on Twitter!

All the live shows were broadcast online from studios in the heart of London, and we were very lucky to have Tower Bridge as our backdrop for the week. But if you missed any of it, or want to watch some of the lively debates, show and tell sessions or product showcases again, then you can download it all on-demand at your leisure from here.


#CreativeWeekUK Day Four: Should developers be a Jack of all Trades, or the Master of One?

The @AdobeUK Team

July 13, 2012

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Yesterday’s debate at #CreativeWeekUK was one of the most lively yet, with panelists discussing whether developers should be a Jack of all Trades, or the master of one.

Alex Morris (@aexmo), Chris Jenkins (@chrisajenkins), Rob Borley (@bobscape) and Paul Trani (@paultrani) all shared their views, and the Twitter community had a lot to say too!

A big thanks to everyone that contributed comments and questions to the live debate. We can confirm that 64% voted #Jackofall vs 36% #Masterofone.


















If you missed yesterday’s live show you can catch it on demand here. The last day of#CreativeWeekUK is today so make sure you don’t miss the Photography and Imaging debate at 12pm GMT!

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