Local Content, Global Context; Investec Delivers A World Class Web Experience With Help From Adobe

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August 01, 2012

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Act local – it’s a mantra for multi-nationals the world over. However, it’s often easier to say than do, especially when it comes to digital marketing. Issues of quality, control and ownership often push firms down a ‘vanilla’ route of centrally created content.

For Investec – an international specialist bank and asset manager serving corporate investors and high net worth individuals – the challenge was to move from a single on-line presence in Johannesburg to a 15-region digital marketing platform that would allow the company to take advantage of local opportunities, often at relatively short notice.

Using Adobe CQ, part of Adobe Digital Marketing Suite, Investec now has a global web experience platform that delivers a distinct, local visual and user experience without being limited to generic-looking templates or designs.

What does this mean for Investec? It now has a highly decentralised web experience management platform with powerful content authoring tools and global brand management capabilities. In practice this means its digital marketing team can now react quickly to local opportunities and changing customer trends with relevant regional and customer-specific content.

And the results? Because Adobe CQ takes away the organisational complexity normally associated with multi-region content creation and publishing, Investec has been able to focus on delivering compelling, creative content that drives the business forward. For example, when Investec signed a midnight deal to sponsor Tottenham Hotspur football club in the English Premier League (seasons 2010/2011 and 2011/2012), the firm was able to launch a major microsite the following morning

Online traffic has also doubled since the system went live, along with a vast increase in the volume of both global and locally published content. It has also laid the foundations for multichannel communication, enabling Investec to respond to, and engage with, its customers regardless of time-zone, location or device.

“Our web presence plays a vital role in providing the level of service our clients expect from a world-class firm,” says Diarmaid Crean, Global Online Marketing, Investec. “Having our web infrastructure on Adobe CQ makes it simple for personnel throughout our organization to author and publish content, everywhere we do business, quickly and easily.”

Manny Vaghuela, Adobe’s Solution Consulting Director and Fahim Salim, Investec’s Web Development Manager can be seen discussing Investec’s moving to the Adobe CQ platform (a process described as re-platforming) during a recent webinar.

The discussion also covers the evolution of content management software and how Investec is using Adobe CQ to optimise its content to meet marketing goals and keep up with evolving consumer and technological demands.

The full case study, with more information on the Adobe CQ platform including how it allows Investec to add local, dynamic content can be found here.

Check out our webinar around replatforming web marketing systems in the age of the multi-channel consumer below.


Day 1 @AdobeSummit

Emma Wilkinson

May 16, 2012

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With over 1,700 attendees packing out the halls and pavilions in Battersea Park, seminars and workshops at every turn and an amazing line up of inspiring keynotes, the first day of Adobe’s Digital Marketing Summit 2012 was pretty hard to sum up – but we’ve given it a go…

A picture of the future of Digital Marketing

Kicking off the day, Adobe’s SVP Brad Rencher presented Adobe’s vision of the “Digital Self” – he examined the way that our digital signals, created by hundred of social actions, check ins, live streams and status updates, are creating a wealth of data that marketers can use to bring a deeply personal experience to customers.

“It’s not just about rows in spreadsheets but about real people who have real needs” – Brad Rencher, Adobe SVP Digital Marketing

Brad also spoke about the need for marketers to become more savvy when it comes to understanding this data. He emphasised that consumers are starting to wake up to personalisation and what it means for them, and in the future they will demand it. The message for marketers is clear: be prepared.

Privacy vs. personalisation

Among the many session streams on offer throughout the day, many were drawn to the fascinating discussion in the London 2012 room, chaired by the UK’s Digital Champion, Martha Lane Fox. Martha led a panel discussion, looking at the balancing act that consumers, regulators and marketers are all concerned about at the moment – that of personalisation and privacy.

Dave Evans from the Information Commissioners Office (ICO), who has been dealing with the recent EU ePrivacy Directive which will affect all websites using cookies from the end of May 2012. One hot topic of conversation was around how marketers will be affected by the changes, in particular how to know where the boundaries are between using customer data to help personalise experiences, without intruding into personal privacy, commenting on the issue Evans said,  “We need companies to test the limits of personalisation and privacy in order to move forward”.

Getting in a Huff about sleep and connectivity

The highlight of the day was a fascinating closing keynote from founder of the Huffington Post – Arianna Huffington. Since launching the “HuffPo” seven years ago, Arianna and her team have seen massive changes in the worlds of online journalism, blogging and user generated content – changes that they have been a major catalyst of, primarily through their open approach to allowing reader interaction and input across the site.

She spoke about the Huffington Post’s “nap” rooms – rooms on site at the website’s offices where employees can recharge. She herself is a big advocate for getting enough sleep and taking “digital retreats” where no technology is allowed – something which for many in the room was a challenging concept, we’re sure!

Keep track of all the #AdobeSummit news

The Summit has continued today and we will give you a full wrap up in tomorrow’s blog – for now, keep track of all the news, announcements, gossip and much more by following @AdobeSummit  and @AdobeUK on Twitter or track the #AdobeSummit tag for updates from attendees.

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