Local Content, Global Context; Investec Delivers A World Class Web Experience With Help From Adobe

The @AdobeUK Team

August 01, 2012

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Act local – it’s a mantra for multi-nationals the world over. However, it’s often easier to say than do, especially when it comes to digital marketing. Issues of quality, control and ownership often push firms down a ‘vanilla’ route of centrally created content.

For Investec – an international specialist bank and asset manager serving corporate investors and high net worth individuals – the challenge was to move from a single on-line presence in Johannesburg to a 15-region digital marketing platform that would allow the company to take advantage of local opportunities, often at relatively short notice.

Using Adobe CQ, part of Adobe Digital Marketing Suite, Investec now has a global web experience platform that delivers a distinct, local visual and user experience without being limited to generic-looking templates or designs.

What does this mean for Investec? It now has a highly decentralised web experience management platform with powerful content authoring tools and global brand management capabilities. In practice this means its digital marketing team can now react quickly to local opportunities and changing customer trends with relevant regional and customer-specific content.

And the results? Because Adobe CQ takes away the organisational complexity normally associated with multi-region content creation and publishing, Investec has been able to focus on delivering compelling, creative content that drives the business forward. For example, when Investec signed a midnight deal to sponsor Tottenham Hotspur football club in the English Premier League (seasons 2010/2011 and 2011/2012), the firm was able to launch a major microsite the following morning

Online traffic has also doubled since the system went live, along with a vast increase in the volume of both global and locally published content. It has also laid the foundations for multichannel communication, enabling Investec to respond to, and engage with, its customers regardless of time-zone, location or device.

“Our web presence plays a vital role in providing the level of service our clients expect from a world-class firm,” says Diarmaid Crean, Global Online Marketing, Investec. “Having our web infrastructure on Adobe CQ makes it simple for personnel throughout our organization to author and publish content, everywhere we do business, quickly and easily.”

Manny Vaghuela, Adobe’s Solution Consulting Director and Fahim Salim, Investec’s Web Development Manager can be seen discussing Investec’s moving to the Adobe CQ platform (a process described as re-platforming) during a recent webinar.

The discussion also covers the evolution of content management software and how Investec is using Adobe CQ to optimise its content to meet marketing goals and keep up with evolving consumer and technological demands.

The full case study, with more information on the Adobe CQ platform including how it allows Investec to add local, dynamic content can be found here.

Check out our webinar around replatforming web marketing systems in the age of the multi-channel consumer below.


Making document management work

The @AdobeUK Team

July 24, 2012

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Why the legal industry must embrace technology to improve productivity and increase security

Article by Anke Schnedler, marketing manager, Adobe Systems






In a fast-paced industry with a huge digital output and major security implications, the need for a robust document management system is not just important, it’s critical. For busy law professionals the ability to easily access, share and work on documents is par for the course: when it works, no one notices, but when it goes wrong, all eyes fall on the IT manager.

As we all know, solicitors, lawyers and barristers have always spent a serious amount of time assembling cases, filling in forms, and compiling letters, briefs and presentations. They then need to exchange these documents with clients, outside counsel and the courts and need a trusted method to control access to, and limit distribution of, confidential information.

As courts implement new electronic filing systems, IT departments need to support staff by equipping them with document collaboration tools that not only increase efficiency through the review and repagination process, but enable them to protect sensitive information, even when documents travel outside of the document management system and corporate firewall. Also key is the ability to have searchable solutions that archive and maintain an audit trail of emails and their attachments.

As a result, many firms are looking at their current document management solutions and cost effectively standardising them across their business. Herbert Smith LLP, a law firm headquartered in London which advises clients from its network of offices across Asia, Europe and the Middle East, is a great example of a firm that is boosting efficiencies, managing and protecting sensitive information and in turn offering an improved client service. Its aim was to revamp many of its administrative, document-based processes in order to drive efficiency across the organisation.

Using Adobe Acrobat, they were able to assemble case documents efficiently, redact sensitive information securely, improve collaboration across legal teams and complete forms electronically. In addition to reliably redacting sensitive content from case documents, the firm’s staff can now encrypt and password protect PDF files that are delivered to outside teams, helping better safeguard sensitive case details. Indeed, document controls and security rules ensure that only those with permission can access documents and control who opens, views, prints, copies, and modifies files – both inside and outside the firewall.

For further information on how Adobe is helping Herbert Smith LLP prepare, protect, and deliver professional communications in PDF click here.

Adobe Digital Media Education Summit 2012

The @AdobeUK Team

July 20, 2012

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We are now back from a jam-packed few days at the Adobe Digital Media Education Summit in Istanbul and wanted to tell you about the fantastic time we had!

The conference was a unique opportunity to hear from leading educators about how they implement digital media in film, video and design schools, as well as gaining insight into how technology ties into teaching goals.

We kicked the conference off on Tuesday evening with some welcome drinks at Bahçeşehir Üniversitesi, which gave us the opportunity to get to know the speakers and attendees we would be spending the next two days with.

Wednesday and Thursday were full of interesting workshops and heated debates, where we had the chance to hear from some of the best speakers in the industry including Andy Balzdell (CelAction), Lee Brimelow (Platform Evangelist, Adobe) and Sue Tong (The Illuminated Film Company).


Here’s a snapshot of what some of you were saying on Twitter:

Thanks so much to everyone that joined us in Istanbul – we couldn’t have done it without you.

If you haven’t joined our LinkedIn group yet then you can do so by clicking here.

#CreativeWeekUK Finishes on a High!

The @AdobeUK Team

July 16, 2012

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We went out with a bang on Day 5 of #CreativeWeekUK with a packed studio for our very last live debate. Four great panellists – Glyn Dewis (@GlynDewis), Erin Moroney (@erin_moroney), Timothy Allen (@timothy_photo) and Richard Curtis (@richardcurtis) – spent the best part of an hour debating whether digital photography is ‘all tech and no talent’. All the talk around digital retouching certainly kept things interesting and the discussion continued long after the cameras stopped rolling – both in the studio and on Twitter. It was the perfect end to #CreativeWeekUK.

Throughout #CreativeWeekUK, thousands of you got involved on Twitter by tweeting your questions and opinions to the #CreativeWeekUK hashtag. In fact the latest figures show that in total #CreativeWeekUK was mentioned 5,443 times. And thanks to you all, we even trended on Twitter!

All the live shows were broadcast online from studios in the heart of London, and we were very lucky to have Tower Bridge as our backdrop for the week. But if you missed any of it, or want to watch some of the lively debates, show and tell sessions or product showcases again, then you can download it all on-demand at your leisure from here.


Lights, Camera, Action! All the news from #CreativeWeekUK Day 3

The @AdobeUK Team

July 12, 2012

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The question on everyone’s lips was whether smaller production budgets make for more original content. Day 3 of #CreativeWeekUK saw us discuss how smaller budgets have become a natural by-product of the contracting broadcast and cinematography markets, and the implications that has had on creativity and quality standards.

We were joined by three great panelists for our live debate at the start of the day. Dan Jones (Maverick TV), Marc Goodchild (ex BBC) and Justin Weyers (Made Visual Studios) chatted about everything from independent productions and YouTube testing, right through to how the skills of hungry graduates can be best used in industry and what the future of video production has in store.

As always, the #CreativeWeekUK Twitter community played a huge part in the debate, with contributions including whether new technologies and production tools raise standards or just client expectations. And they also had their say in our daily poll with 90% of people agreeing that smaller budgets do make for more original content. What can we say…get creating!

We also welcomed Jason Levine over from the US who spent some time showing off the latest video tools Adobe has to offer including the new, streamlined Premiere Pro interface.

If you want to catch up on any of this week’s shows, then be sure to visit our website. Plus there’s still time to get involved in the final couple of days of #CreativeWeekUK by taking part in our competition. We’d love to hear from you!

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