The State of Create Report

The @AdobeUK Team

July 03, 2012


The State of Create Report: Is creativity the key to economic growth in the UK? Today we’ve released a new research report ahead of the UK’s first ever Creative Week, which reveals the high value people in the UK place on creativity. It reveals that more than three quarters (78%) agree creativity is key to driving economic growth but just a third (35%) feel they are living up to their creative potential. Click on the below infographic to see all the key findings in detail:

Check out the full report here, which also includes different perspectives from leading creatives including Wayne Hemingway MBE, Brendan Dawes, Dan Jones and Joel Gethin-Lewis, as well as Chris Thompson from Ravensbourne.

Creative Week: Calling all photographers!

The @AdobeUK Team

July 02, 2012

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Last in the series of our hugely popular Twitter Chats, this Thursday, between 6.30pm-7.30pm we’ll be discussing the Photography and Imaging industry and would love to hear your thoughts on this exciting and ever-changing space.

This chat picks up where we left off last Thursday evening when designers, coders and creatives discussed the web and mobile issues that matter to them. Take a look at a selection of the tweets that flooded #CreativeWeekUK on our Storify post.

Photographers often consider aperture, exposure and light settings an art form to be cherished over auto-settings and quick fixes, with all the work done in post-production. But in an age when everything is becoming digitalised, should the photography community be ready to embrace image manipulation? Some of the areas we’ll be touching on to stoke the debate are;

  • Do you agree with photographers who are of the opinion that you shouldn’t do anything to your shots in Photoshop that you couldn’t do in a darkroom?
  • When does a photograph stop being a photograph, and become a piece of illustration or artwork?
  • When it comes to retouching, how much is too much?

Join us for our final Twitter Chat by using #CreativeWeekUK and follow @AdobeUK and @ComputerArts.

It’ll also be the last chance for you to get your hands on tickets to next week’s Creative Week. Include #CreativeWeekUK in all your tweets during the live Twitter Chat this Thursday and you’ll be entered into a competition to win one of two tickets to the Photography & Imaging day of Creative Week on Friday, July 13th.

For anyone without a ticket, we’ll also be broadcasting all the sessions from Creative Week live online, so make sure you don’t miss out and register now!

Creative Week: Line-Up Announced!

The @AdobeUK Team

June 28, 2012

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With less than two weeks to go until the UK’s first ever Creative Week, we’re excited to announce some of the exciting speakers and contributors we’ve got lined up for first two days.

On Monday 9th July, we’ll be taking a look at the Creative Industry as a whole, and will include a debate on how creativity can help drive the UK out of recession as well as show and tell sessions with industry experts. Taking part on Monday will be;

–          Brendan Dawes a UK-based, MoMA exhibited is an artist and designer (live debate)

–          Joel Gethin Lewis, co- Director of experiential design agency Hellicar & Lewis (live debate)

–          Iconic British designer Wayne Hemingway (show and tell)

–          Chris Thompson, Head of Business Development at Ravensbourne College (show and tell)

–          Marc Lewis, pioneer of London’s new school dedicated to the art of advertising School of Communication Arts (show and tell)

–          Rufus Deuchler, Sr. Worldwide Design Evangelist at Adobe Systems (product demos and tips and tricks)

On Tuesday 10th July, we’ll be focussing on the Design & Publishing industry and are delighted that the following speakers will be joining us on the day;

–          Jeremy Leslie, Creative Director at magCulture and publishing industry commentator

–          Publishing analyst and cultural commentator Danuta Kean

–          Future Publishing’s digital Editor-in-Chief Mike Goldsmith

–          Artist & Illustrator Pete Fowler (show and tell)

–          Three directors from creative agency Studio Output, Dan Moore, Rob Coke and Ian Hambleton (show and tell)

–          Adobe Certified Expert Tony Harmer (how to session)

–          Rupert Knowles, Adobe UK’s Design Product Manager (product demos and tips and tricks)

–          And Rufus Deuchler, Sr. Worldwide Design Evangelist at Adobe Systems will again be joining us (product demos and tips and tricks)

For more details on the event and to sign up for updates, visit the Creative Week website at

Stay tuned for more updates!

Hear the latest from our #CreativeWeekUK Twitter Chats

The @AdobeUK Team

June 27, 2012

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Check out what discussion took place in our film and video Twitter Chat earlier this week by taking a look over our Storify post. And if you want to take part in our web and mobile Twitter Chat this Thursday read on to take a look at the topics we’ll be discussing:

This Thursday, 28th June, between 6.30pm and 7.30pm, we’ll be kicking off a discussion on all things Web and Mobile.

Developers have traditionally specialised in single formats – whether HTML, JavaScript, CSS or Flash for web; mobile web or rich apps for mobile. But there is a growing need for interdisciplinary designers, able to switch from coding to formatting for mobile or WordPress customisation.

What do you think of where the industry is headed? Is it better to be a specialist or should designers be able to turn their hand to a variety of technologies? Some of the areas of discussion we’ll be looking at during the Chat include;

  • Should designers code?
  • Is ‘UX professional’ a real job?
  • Do dedicated project managers do more harm than good – should this always be a shared responsibility for web designers?

We’d love to hear what you think! So join our Twitter Chat by using #CreativeWeekUK and follow @AdobeUK and @Netmag.

Everyone who uses #CreativeWeekUK during the hour-long chat will automatically be entered into a draw to win one of two tickets to the Web & Mobile day of Creative Week on Thursday, 12th July! But if you aren’t one of the lucky ticket holders, we’ll be broadcasting all the sessions live online, so why not register now.

Creative Week: Calling all designers and publishers!

The @AdobeUK Team

June 13, 2012

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In the lead up to the UK’s first Creative Week on 9th – 13th July, we’re going to be hosting weekly Twitter Chats, in partnership with Future Publishing. This Thursday, between 6.30pm and 7.30pm, we’ll be kicking these Chats off by talking all things design and publishing, and we want you to let us know your thoughts on the industry and where it’s headed.

It’s well documented that the design and publishing industry is going through a huge period of change, driven by the explosion in digital publishing and accelerated by the surge in popularity of tablets and mobile devices. But what does the industry look like from your point of view? Some of the topics up for discussion include;

  • Where should digital publishing develop next?
  • How can (print) designers evolve to adapt to digital publishing workflows?
  • What still excites you about print, and what does it take for a print product to attract your attention in a digital world?

Join in our Twitter Chat by using #CreativeWeekUK and follow @AdobeUK, @ComputerArts, @CA_Collection and @CreativeBloQ to see the conversation starters, as well as interesting views from our Adobe Solutions Consultants.

Plus, everyone who uses #CreativeWeekUK will automatically be in with a chance of winning one of two tickets to the Design and Publishing day of Creative Week on Tuesday July 10th, which will be jam-packed with exclusive demos, lively debates, creative challenges and inspirational case studies!

Don’t worry, if you aren’t one of the lucky ticket holders you don’t have to miss out as we’ll be broadcasting all the sessions live online, so why not register now?

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